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    10 Tips To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

    Applying the right makeup in the right manner is a tough job and you might be spending almost an hour, or sometime even more, to just get that perfect makeup on your face every time you step out of your home in the morning.

    However, unfortunately, by afternoon you might find your makeup to be draining off. With limited time to fix the makeup out of home, it can get extremely annoying if you find that the makeup which took you more than an hour to apply is now no longer attractive.


    Your makeup in all chances begins to fade by mid-morning. However, there are some basic, simple tricks, knowing which can help you get the makeup continue to remain on your face without fading away the entire day.

    Read on to know about the top 10 makeup hacks that can help you keep your makeup intact all day long. This would help you to feel confident throughout the day.

    1. To Begin With, Use An Oil-free Base
    If your skin is oily, then the makeup tends to just glide and fade as time passes. Therefore, it becomes necessary to prepare your skin well before you begin to apply the makeup. Oily skins prevent the makeup to adhere properly. Makeup tends to melt quickly on oily skin. To avoid this, use a gentle cleanser to clean your face first and then apply a moisturizer that is oil free. Wait for about four minutes and then apply your makeup. This will enable the moisturizer to sink in well within your skin.

    2. Regular Exfoliation
    If you do not exfoliate your skin regularly, then your makeup will not look as good as it should. Imperfections in the makeup are visible when you have dead skin cells on your face. Make a habit to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. This would keep the dead skin cells at bay and your skin will look clear, flawless and bright always.

    3. Using A Primer
    Using a primer before you apply the makeup will ensure that it lasts longer than usual and also gives you a natural-looking appearance. Primer works by filling in the pores on your skin and makes your skin smooth. Primer provides a good base to which your makeup can adhere to perfectly. Primer also smoothens the imperfections and blemishes on the skin.

    4. Layering Using Powder
    Layering or sandwiching with the use of powder is a trick that all makeup artists follow in order to keep the makeup intact for a longer duration. Use a powder of the same shade as the cream or liquid makeup that you are using. Applying powder on the makeup will ensure that it stays on your face for several hours.

    5. Setting Eyeliner With Eyeshadow
    You can use an eyeshadow of a colour close to the shade of the eyeliner that you have used to set the eyeliner. This is similar to using a powder to set the cream or liquid base makeup. To soak up any oils that might be present in the eyeliner, you can put a layer of eyeshadow over it. This will set the eyeliner quickly. The eyeliner will not melt or run down too. Smudging of eyeliner is prevented with the application of eyeshadow over the liner.

    6. Blotting The Foundation
    You can prevent your makeup from melting by ensuring that there is minimum oil on your face. After the application of foundation, there are chances that there could still be some moisture or oil left on your face. Use a clean tissue to gently blot it. This will soak the excess oil before you begin to apply the rest of the makeup. Blotting does not remove any of the foundation. Blotting just ensures that the surface on which you apply makeup is dry, without any form of moisture.

    7. Using A Mascara That Is Waterproof
    Using a mascara that is waterproof is essential to allow your makeup to last long without fading or melting. Mascara gets damp quickly preventing it from lasting long. Mascara can get damp through tears, sweat or simply due to the humidity in the air. To make the mascara last long, use a waterproof one.

    8. Outline Your Lipstick
    Use a lip pencil to draw an outline of the lip before you fill in the lips with the lipstick. This prevents the lipstick from running down and bleeding. Use a brush to apply the lipstick. Apply several thin coats of the lipstick rather than one or two thick coats. Using a brush helps the lipstick to sink into the fine lines of the lip. This allows the lipstick to stay on for a longer duration.

    9. Try To Keep Your Hands Off The Face
    Touching your face too often, post the makeup application, could smudge the makeup. Also, touching your face leaves traces of oil and dirt on the face. Your fingers, no matter how clean they appear, possess a lot of oil and if you tend to touch your face too often, this oil gets transferred onto your face, making your makeup melt.

    10. Setting The Makeup Using Translucent Powder
    A light dusting of translucent powder will enable you to set your makeup well. You can also use a makeup setting spray to keep the makeup on your face for long without melting. However, if you do not have both, you can spray a little bit of water in the air and allow it to settle on your face. This would work, as the setting spray would help set the makeup. Ensure that you keep your eyes closed when using a makeup setting spray. Allow the makeup to set in for a couple of minutes before you are ready to go.

    Following the above-mentioned tricks will ensure that your makeup stays on your face for long and does not need touch ups every now and then. Looking good is what every woman deserves and implementing few makeup hacks will take you a long way in looking beautiful naturally without you having to worry about fading or melting makeup.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 17:15 [IST]
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