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Zodiac Signs And Their Singing Talent


Who does not like to sing? While most of us would want to create that magic with our voice, not everybody is gifted with a beautiful voice that would soothe people's ears. But yes, singing is a skill which can be perfected with time and practice. And probably that is what every zodiac already knows when they sit down to sing. There are people who love to pursue singing as their passion and there are some who sing without having any knowledge of it. Yet, there are others who just believe that they have a sole right over singing.

Though the talent that we have can be enhanced through practice, did you know that our interests, our attitude towards those interests and our proficiency in those interests are directly linked to our zodiac sign as well? The sign that one is born under might make him love dancing more than singing, or it might cause him to sing better than dance. It all depends on the ruling planet of the zodiac sign.

While the variations in interests and talent arise because of the environment that a person grows up in, there are some effects of the stars as well, says astrology. We have seen legendary singers singing with their equally talented sons, or those too whose children have chosen a path completely different from those of their parents. Based on all such observations today, we would be exploring how well each zodiac sings and what their attitude is towards singing.


Can't Sing But Sings Anyway

There are some who do not care about the world and would sing just for their own sake. They do not sing to display a melodious voice but only to sing the melody. All they need is some words to murmur when they are getting bored, or when they are really happy. They do not bother if their "not so bad" singing skill would happen to fall into people's ears. You would hear them murmuring those lyrics of the most popular song almost all the time. Thus, they enjoy the melody which is playing at the back of their minds while they sing. Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius fall into this category.


Good Singer Who Gets Annoyed When Other People Sing

Some of the zodiac signs fall among those who are under the misconception that they have a sole right over singing. Though they would easily accept it if they are not extraordinary singers, they would get annoyed equally easily when they see other people sing. While one reason for their dislike for other's voices can be that the voice is not as good as their own, the other reason would be their jealousy, if the voice they hear is a good one. Aries, Capricorn and Taurus fall into this category.


Sings Well But Feels Shy

Yet another category is of those who can sing very well but would choose to keep their talent hidden shying away. They might or might not know about the melody that their throat can create and the smile that their voice can bring on a person's face. Either way, choosing not to display their voice would be a safer option for them. You would only be able to secretly catch them singing while they are alone in their room. Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius fall into this category.


Sings Really Well

Then there are those who would click the highest pitched notes with such an ease and perfection that they seem to have been born as singers. These people would attract others with their voice and would even make them feel jealous most of the time. However, the intelligent ones would choose to admire them for their talent. These zodiacs know about their talent though they might or might not choose to perfect it. Cancer, Libra and Pisces fall into this category.

Story first published: Thursday, September 6, 2018, 18:30 [IST]
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