These Individuals Will Have The Worst Career This Year, According To Zodiac Sign

Are you worried why you are not climbing the ladder of success in spite of giving your best in your career? Then, you need to blame your stars for it.

According to astrology, there are 3 zodiac signs, which are going to experience the worst phase of their career, for the year 2018. These are the Moon signs, which are claimed to face a struggle in the field of their career for 2018.

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Find out if your zodiac sign is also listed here, and make sure that you take the right measures for the same.


Gemini: May 21-June 20

This zodiac will see the movement of Saturn into its eighth house and this can be quite challenging for the zodiac sign. These individuals might find restrictions around themselves and would have to negotiate with others to ask for what they need.


Gemini: May 21-June 20 (Contd.)

These individuals need to be quite careful about their partnerships and business dealings, as they are going to suffer the most and there are chances of facing unwanted hurdles career wise. It is predicted that their situation on the work front will improve around the year's end.

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Sagittarius: Nov 23-Dec 22

This zodiac sign is influenced by Saturn this year, as it is moving into their second house of earned income. It is predicted that these individuals have to go through some serious challenges in their approach towards money and possessions in the first half of the year, as their state is said to improve in the second half of the year.


Sagittarius: Nov 23-Dec 22 (Contd.)

There are no shortcuts to true and lasting success, hence you need to have patience and slow down. Even though the amount of hard work might not get the desired results, you need to focus on working more harder.

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Aquarius: Jan 21-Feb 18

With Saturn entering the 12th house of this sign, these individuals need to focus more on mental and spiritual health. They need to take a hard look at their inner world before they can get back to what's happening in their outer world. Their detachment level can help them to stay calm in hard situations of their work life.

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Aquarius: Jan 21-Feb 18 (Contd.)

They need to avoid sulking about their failures and instead need to forgive themselves for their perceived failures. It's time that they take up responsibility for the moments that they have failed. This can bring in some peace to them.

So, is your zodiac sign also listed here? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, February 6, 2018, 8:15 [IST]
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