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Zodiac Signs That Break Up Soon


Have you ever wondered how different people are from one another? For instance, while some do not like sharing their time with anyone, others just cannot 'feel' life by being alone. Yet, some others are there who do enter a relationship but cannot stay in it for long. They have an 'off and on' status as far as relationships are concerned.

Have you ever met such a person? Or is your best friend like that? Does she often enter a new relationship but then also feel suffocated soon? And if she does, are we to blame her? Well, astrology says that some people fail to find compatibility everywhere.

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They take their own time, but by that time, the relationship becomes strained and no other option is left than to BREAK UP! Given below is a list of zodiac signs that break up soon. Are you one on the list? Check out.



Yes, Arians are short tempered. But wait, they are sensible too. While their short tempered-nature is enough to tell you that they might be quick to end a relationship, remember that it would be the sensible Aries behind it if a break-up ever actually happens. They are quick to start and quicker to end a relationship, once they figure out that things might not work as expected.

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Yes, we know you are wondering why Librans are there on the list since detachment is difficult for the emotional Librans. But don't you think, their emotional nature will give them enough reasons not to stay longer in the relationship? Librans are often hard and harsh with their own selves. So, they can prepare themselves well, for a break up as well. Adding to this, while they soon develop mutual understanding, they also have a list of things that they can never compromise on. When the rules get violated (as often expected at the beginning of a relationship), they prefer a break-up than to keep fighting.

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going; yes, that's what Scorpios believe in. Therefore, they often prefer to work on the relationship, than to leave it. But once a Scorpio realises that things wouldn't actually work, they can end the relationship within the matter of a minute. When such is the case, they would not even mind forgetting all the happy moments shared and are the fastest to break up among other zodiacs.

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Aquarians fear heartbreaks. When things get worse in a relationship, and they feel their partner might break up, or that things might get worse, they prefer ending the relationship themselves. Since, if the partner leaves them first, the heartbreak might be hard for them to handle and deal with. So to play the game safer and protect their heart from sinking, they hit a break-up first.

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For Pisceans, things are based more on their intuitions. What their gut tells is what they do. Since they have a certain inclination towards spirituality, they stop feeling comfortable when they get those negative vibes in a relationship.

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