Zodiac Signs Categorized From Being Down To Earth To The Most Conceited

By Needhi Gandhi

The zodiac signs are determined according to the positions of the planets related to the sun and moon, at the time of the birth of a person. Though astrology is an ancient branch of science, it still holds immense respect in the minds of all educated people of the modern world.
There are twelve zodiac signs as per astrology, which states that the zodiac signs have great effects on the nature of the people, leading to the incidents of their lives. Hence, the zodiac sign of a person can express some basic qualities of his/her nature and his/her ability of dealing with other persons and situations in life.

So, the people born around the same zodiac period are more likely to have some similarities in their natures, as depicted by their common zodiac sign.

The topic of discussion in this article would be to know the range of the most humble zodiac signs to those that are highly conceited. The list starts off by providing the most down-to-earth signs and gradually goes on to state the ones that are conceited.



The people born in the period of May 21st to June 20th are categorized in this zodiac sign. These people are so kind to others that they forgive all and even like to give a second chance to the people who offend them. Their kindness directs them to give away money and precious time to the others, even if they are in need of both very badly.



The people born between July 23rd and August 22nd are said to have this zodiac sign. These people love their dear ones wholeheartedly and can do anything for their loved ones. They are innocent, like the little kids, and are very sincere in everything that they do. They are so kind that they can help others to any extent and they always think good for all.

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The men and women born during the period of September 23rd to October 22nd are said to be born with this zodiac sign. These people are the most peaceful in nature and they feel immensely pleased with seeing others in a good condition. They like to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs their help, even if they need to go out of their way. The only negative aspect about the Librans is that they try to avoid all conflicts and take much time to decide on any matter.



The people born in the period of November 22nd to December 21st are included under this zodiac sign. These people are very positive minded and they like to live only in their present time, without thinking of their past or future. They may be carefree and loving by nature and they can hope for light even during the darkest phase of their life.

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The people whose date of birth falls between February 19th and March 20th are identified with this specific zodiac sign. They are very sympathetic towards the pain of others, even if sometimes their sympathy may land them into deep trouble in their own life. These people are very imaginative in nature and work according to their imaginations.



The people having their birth dates between January 20th and February 18th are categorized with this zodiac sign. These people have a perfect sense of what is right and what is wrong. They do not fear to speak out for justice, even if they are not backed by anyone else for that matter. Their jovial nature makes others feel energetic in their company. But they may change their decisions very frequently, leaving their close ones in a dilemma.



The people born between June 21st and July 22nd are known to hold this zodiac sign as per the celestial movements. These people can love and care for their close people without any bound. They plainly exhibit their love for others and also show how important these people are in their lives. But the only problem with them is that they cannot bear it if their loved ones do not seem to reciprocate that feeling in the same way.



The ones born between April 20th and May 20th are known to have this zodiac sign that describes their nature. These people are really patient with others and like to give a free space to everyone around them, allowing them to grow in their own way. But they firmly stand by their near ones in their fights of life. The only problem is that they often suffer from an inferiority complex while comparing themselves with others.

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The people with birth dates in the period of December 22nd to January 19th are said to bear this zodiac sign for determining their nature and fortune. These people remain faithful to their loved ones throughout their lives and can even fight for them. They do not give up on their struggles for a good cause. But they do not want to listen to others' opinions as well and can be really headstrong about their own beliefs.



The people born between August 23rd and September 22nd are attributed to this zodiac sign. These people cannot have things done the other way than the ones that they are used to doing. They are very critical in nature and cannot be easily pleased by others. So, it becomes very hard for others to show them satisfactory reasons.



The people born in the period of March 21st to April 19th are conferred with this zodiac sign. These people are too sincere in what they say to others. But they do not hesitate in telling even the harshest of truth to the others. Thus, others can know exactly what these people are thinking about them, as they can never pretend or falsely say good words.



The most conceited people born during October 23rd and November 21st are said to be bearing this zodiac sign. These people can think only about themselves and can be really stubborn about getting whatever they desire for. They also try to thrust their own opinion over others, without caring for any consequence.

Thus, these zodiac signs show the nature of the people from being good and kind, leading to the ones who may just be the opposite in nature.

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    Story first published: Friday, January 26, 2018, 8:30 [IST]
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