Here Are The Dark Desires Of Each Zodiac Sign

A relationship works when there is commitment from both the ends. The desire and fire needs to be in the relationship for it to last or if this is missing, then there are chances that the relationship would not last for long.

Understanding what are the needs and desires of your partner is important. According to astrology, there are certain needs and desires that each person has based on his/her zodiac sign.

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Here, in this article, we are about to share details of the dark desires and needs based on each zodiac sign. Read on to know more about these desires and needs that are defined according to each of the zodiac signs.



These sun sign people love being open and honest like the figurative fields. They like 11 out of 10 on the scale of understanding when it comes to their partners. They can get bored very easily, and lose interest if results are not forthcoming immediately. Hence, their partner needs to be on toes, as it keeps the relationship going strong.

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These guys are a weird combination of being stubborn and sensitive. They are also very cautious, yet very stubborn. Their stubborn nature assures that if they have set their mind to do something, then they will definitely achieve it, no matter what. As a partner, all that one needs to do is to be their support system and the only thing they desire the most in life is security!



They are very adventurous and curious people. They are also considered to be very clever and creative. They desire to expand their knowledge and they are also believed to have an unquenchable thirst for education and information. They like to learn through experiences and gain from them.



They are some of the most fiercely independent people in existence among all the sun signs. Their biggest desire is to be free and unrestrained. According to astrologers, they also love to aim high and they are dedicated and believed to be resilient in situations when they set their mind to something. They do not stop until they have gotten it.



They are very kind-hearted and caring, apart from being very sensitive. They love to be in command, and have things under their control. Their unique desire for appreciation can make them very moody at times. They also love to be respected, and hence they go out of their way to earn it.



They are very soft-hearted people, and are filled with love. In their desires, they sometimes act a bit too rashly, but their intentions are always good. There are times when they can be very fussy and inflexible about minor things.



They are diplomatic and peace-loving individuals. They try to avoid any and all conflicts in their lives. They desire nothing more in life than balance and clarity. There are times when their partners need to try to avoid situations where their state of mind is clouded or where their internal equilibrium is disrupted. This can create a lot of fuss between the partners.



They are the most ambitious people you will ever come across. They are passionate and very independent. They are single-minded in their desire for success. Hence, one can usually see how they are able to accomplish their goals.



They are builders and innovators. They love to explore and consider new ideas. The greatest desire of this sun sign is to invent new things and make a real difference in the world. They wish to do something big that can change people's lives.



They are very responsible and they have a very big sense of duty. Just like the Leos, this sun sign desires to be on the top because they desire respect and admiration of their friends, colleagues and families.



They are witty, smart and very inventive. Their desire in life is all about having a single-minded determination to achieve their goals. There would be times when people would consider them to be insensitive to others around them, as they cannot connect to this characteristic.



These guys are compassionate and imaginative. They look for solutions outside of the box, hence making their lives easy. They need people around them who can keep them grounded, as they can get lost very soon. The greatest desire of this zodiac is to turn their crazy dreams into reality. They wish to see the world as they see it in their heads.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, November 1, 2017, 14:45 [IST]
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