Your Spouse: Some Inputs Through Astrology

By Jayashree

There is no doubt that astrology is a good tool to understand yourself and various sectors of your life. At the same time, too much dependency on this subject can impact you negatively. So, you should learn to set limits for the craze of astrology.

Astrology is a vast and divine science and some of the aspects can not be explained based on a scientific manner. However, this science in a way can help predict the outcome of anything with the help of the placements of important planets in the astrology chart.

knowing about your spouse through astrology

The 7th house is the house of 'spouse' as per astrology. This is the primary house for the spouse. In Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, translated by Girish Chand Sharma, page 190 says what Sage Parashara speaks about the 7th house.

Explanation Given In The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Sage Parashara says, from the 7th house, we should consider the wife, journey, trade, something vanishing away from the sight and death. This house is known as Maraka bhava also. Since astrology was actually written for men initially, the 7th house was known as the house of wife, and Yuvati bhava. Today, the same house is examined to see the nature of husband in a woman's chart as well. Romance is seen from this house also, but the 5th house is the primary house for romance.

As per astrology, the 1st house signifies you and the house which is directly opposite to you is the 7th house. Marriage is a legal relation and the 7th house deals with all the legal relations. This 7th house also means enemies or opponents. When your relationship with your spouse is strained then it can even end up in deep enmity. That's why the 7th house is always against the 1st house of self, personality, personal happiness and personal affairs.

So, the sign which occupies the 7th house will determine the basic qualities of your spouse. This is the chronological order of you and your spouse, according to the Lagna and the 7th house.

Aries : Libra

Taurus : Scorpio

Gemini : Sagittarius

Cancer : Capricorn

Leo : Aquarius

Virgo : Pisces

Libra : Aries

Scorpio : Taurus

Sagittarius : Gemini

Capricorn : Cancer

Aquarius : Leo

Pisces : Virgo

As you know, every sign has a ruling planet and this is the order of the ruling planet of your spouse.

Aries : Mars

Taurus : Venus

Gemini : Mercury

Cancer : Moon

Leo : Sun

Virgo : Mercury

Libra : Venus

Scorpio : Mars

Sagittarius : Jupiter

Capricorn : Saturn

Aquarius : Saturn

Pisces : Jupiter

There are so many ways to find the details of your spouse. Look at the ruling planet of your spouse. If you are an Aries Lagna, then Libra will be your 7th house. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus. Find in which house Venus is placed. As you know, each house handles so many sectors of our life. So, your spouse will have the characteristics of that sector.

These are the various sectors assigned to various houses. These descriptions are based on the inputs given by Sage Parshara in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra


Personal space, personal circles, personal effort, known circles


Family, speech, finance, interior decoration, wealth, enemies


Servants, siblings, self-efforts, networking, studies, short trips, writing, editing, media, electronics, communities, neighbours, communication-based places and events


Family, relatives, real estate, mother, nourishment, medical line, wealth, family meetings, houses, land, wells, farming and agriculture


Romance, amulets, sacred texts, ancient knowledge, higher education, networking, creativity, entertainment, intellectual projects, self-promotions, children and youth groups


Workplace, colleagues, health, maternal relatives, enemies, pets, motherly figures and lower employees


Business relations, business organizations, discussions, business environment, opponents, journey, trade, fashion, luxury and legal relations


Mantra, tantra, occult, finances, hidden resources, metal, engineering, emotions, in-laws and the occult


Religion, spirituality, foreign lands, foreign culture. Ancient sciences, teaching, preaching, counseling, higher studies, media, writing, father and publishing


Career, public image, studies, bosses, father, mentor, and living in foreign lands


Social media, friend circles, team projects, entertainment programmes, romance and group efforts


Foreign lands, spirituality, foreign education, prayer, meditation and charity

These are the sectors indicated by each house. Now, according to your 7th lord, means the ruler of the sign in your 7th house, your spouse should have a connection with that house where your 7th lord is placed.

For example, you are an Aries ascendant. Your Lagna is Aries. Then your 7th house is Libra. The ruler of Libra is Venus. Find where your Venus is placed. If your Venus is placed in the 9th house. Then the results will be like this

• Your spouse will have some connection by being in a foreign land

• He/she can be from a different race, community

• This is a combination for a love marriage

• You and your spouse will have cultural differences

• He/she can have a different attitude about religion and spirituality

• You both must have met or meet first time in a place related to spirituality, preaching, teaching and counseling.

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The 7th house always deals with the spouse, which can be your marital spouse. The 5th house is dealing with romance and casual sexual relationships like premarital. We should understand that during the time when these astrology rules were coined, there was the tradition of Gandharva vivah too. So, the 7th house and 5th house and 11th house are studied to find the possibilities of marriage. Marriage or relationships equal to marital relations can happen in the time period of 5th, 7th, and 11th lord's Maha Dasa or Antar Dasa time period.

The characteristics of the spouse can also be studied through various aspects like the signs and divisional charts. The Navamansh chart or D9 chart is examined for marriage purposes. Yes, from the chart we can understand the negative and positive attributes about romance and marriage. It is a vast topic and just finding your 7th lord in a tough placement doesn't guarantee tough situations in the marriage. For that, we have to study a lot of other factors. This article is just a sign to find the basic characteristics of your spouse. It is just a base level information.

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