Tarot Card Predictions For Your Zodiac Sign

Though it is mid week, it is pretty interesting to know what the Tarot cards have in store for us this week.

Our tarot card experts have shared your weekly predictions, which are as per each zodiac sign.
Here, we bring in the details about the tarot card reading that will improve situations of your daily life.

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These tarot card readings are based as per your zodiac sign,
so find out about your tarot card predictions for the week.



If you have been low at work, then your feelings will settle down. This is because of a compensation that you will receive for another work because of new exciting projects. In the coming days, you should not try to change things drastically. On the other hand, you will enjoy many 'small' wins along the way.



The coming days will be great for you, as there are excellent opportunities and events that will come up. The cards reveal that some of you will suffer from sleepless nights. On the other hand, a warm surprise is in store for you in the coming days.

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You are going to make an impact on the world in the coming days. This means that you will seek bigger and better roles. Be it your current work place or in a new one. Apart from this, partnership at work or business front will do very well in the coming days. Love seems to be passionate and intense as well.



The coming days seem to be brighter. All that you need to do is lift your head up and you will see the clouds parting away and warm light of sunshine falling in your way. The road ahead seems to clear up and there is a general easing out of your life. There are a lot of things that seem to vanish, which are holding you back.

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Good days ahead seem to come your way. You are slow and steady and are very solid. There would be no upheavals, which would come in your way. On the other hand, you will think about moving out of home and yes, there are stronger chances of committments coming your way.



The coming days seem to be a little confusing. You need to belt up and enjoy the ride. There seems to be nothing that will remain the same ever, and the coming confusing time will teach you the lesson to welcome, especially if you have been down in the dumps. All that you need to do is look forward for betterment coming your way!

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The coming days seem to be just perfect. You would realise you have gained such power, control and confidence, that it can be the envy of many. On the other hand, you are incisive, clear and controlling about everything. Sit back and relax the good returns in the coming days.



Your cup of joy seems to be overflowing and no one can be happier than you. To double your joy, you would go on a profitable trip, as you may purchase something that you have been wanting to for a long time. On the other hand, even though you have been under a lot of pressure to perform, a heartfelt desire seems to find it happening and this will make you happy.



There is a lot of action and business ventures coming your way. You would also have a lot of passion in your coming weeks and if you have a partner who enjoys being in the same boat, then your joy seems to double. On the health fact, you might experience tooth trouble, which is a minor thing.

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Remember the mantra that "Perseverance is the key to your success." This mantra totally suits you. You may feel emotionally drained out due to the separation from a loved one which will drain you. All that you need to do is wait for a rejuvenation, and it will come.



Some of you could be down in the coming days and the reason could be mostly because of your own mind worrying too much and exaggerating the issue at hand. All that you need to do is take a step back and see how bad it all really is.



The coming days are going to be great. All that you need to do is not think negative about anything and believe that there is nothing negative around. Work wise, you would rule with your positivity. So, enjoy and spread the joy coming your way.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 11:15 [IST]
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