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Venus Transit In Gemini 13 July 2022: Impact On Zodiac Signs And Remedies

Shukra or Venus means "white" in Sanskrit. Venus is the ultimate benefactor that rules over the sidereal systems of Taurus and Libra. Venus' exaltation point is Pisces, and the debilitation point is Virgo. Venus is the karaka for love, partner, marriage, comfort, beauty, prosperity, and so on. It is the prime indicator of livelihood and domestic life. Well-aspected Venus blesses a person with affluence, and good luck coupled with sensual nature. Venusians are poets, musicians, and seekers of occult sciences.

When Venus is badly placed it can spoil the marriage, eyes, and ovaries. It may induce gout, cysts, anaemia, and and venereal disease. Venus relates to the asterisms of Bharani, Purva phalguni, and Purvashada. It is friendly with Sagittarius and Capricorn whereas Leo and Cancer are its enemy signs. Venus will transit in Gemini on 13 July 2022 at 10:41 am and will stay on till 97 August 2022 and then it will shift to Cancer. Let us see what is in store for all the zodiac signs and the remedies to tackle the challenges.


Aries: 21 March - 19 April

You will exhibit excellent communication skills. You will exhibit calm while making your decisions. You may arrange get-togethers or some picnics outdoors with your family and friends. You will spend on travelling and parties during this period. On the professional front, this period will bring good growth and better career prospects for those who are in the field of art, drama, theatre, dance, and media. It makes sense to switch jobs now as there are plenty of opportunities available.

Remedy: You may eat Aniseed after your meals.


Taurus: 20 April - 20 May

Your will be inclined towards your family and will be possessive about the comforts and luxuries of your family members. There are bright possibilities of buying a property or land for personal use or renovating your existing house. On the Professional front, due to irresponsible behaviour of your teammates, you will get into trouble with your seniors at your workplace. Luck will be favourable for those who are into stock market. Professionals like surgeons, and cosmetologists would experience a high influx of clients.

Remedy: You may light a camphor in the evenings in an oil burner.


Gemini: 21 May - 20 June

You are in for an everlasting relationship with the opposite gender. you will splurge on cosmetics and grooming products at this time. MNC workers can expect career growth and good opportunities. If you are planning for work-related tours, you are sure to succeed. Those in partnership business will have favorable tidings at business.

Remedy: You may recite the mantra oṃ śuṃ śukrāya nama" every Friday morning.


Cancer: 21 June - 22 July

At home things will be a bit disturbing as unforeseen medical expenditures will bog you down. Your mother's health will show signs of deterioration. Be careful with driving while you are travelling with family on a pleasure tour. Overseas job aspirants will fetch a lucrative job. Your expenditure exceeds income. A hefty sum will be spent on marketing for your business.

Remedy: You may offer white sandalwood to Lord Shiva and to the Shiva temple.


Leo: 23 July - 22 August

Your relationship with your friends and family will be smooth. You will relax a bit and pursue hobbies and interests. This is a lucky period for garment, accessories, and jewelry business. Those who are into the music industry, theatre and fine arts will get true admirers and succeed in a massive way. it is the best time for converting hobbies into career.

Remedy: You may donate sugar, rice, and milk on Friday at a temple.


Virgo: 23 August - 22 September

You will be more inclined to read religious texts and visit places of pilgrimage. You will enjoy excellent domestic concord. Purchase of a vehicle is a distinct possibility. Those in a family business will flourish. Travel and entertainment professionals will see growth in their career. The government employees may suffer a bad reputation due to office politics which may result in stress. People from the fashion industry or designers will come across good opportunities.

Remedy: You may bury honey in the ground outside your home.


Libra: 23 September - 22 October

Planetary conditions are such that people will enjoy popularity and luck at this time. Your relationship with your father is cordial and you have chances of gaining an inheritance. You will be indulging in charitable activities. Professionals may not sign any deal as there will be a hidden agenda behind it. Investing in stock markets will be unlucky. This period will be particularly lucky for working professionals.

Remedy: On Friday, you may wear an opal in a locket or ring.


Scorpio: 23 October - 21 November

Travel plans may not bring in the desired results. You will be at loggerheads with your spouse. Exercise caution against accidents, throat, and eye afflictions. Professionally, businessmen may not invest in anything new. Job loss or insecurity is predicted for working professionals due to conspiracy at the workplace.

Remedy: You may read stories of Parshuram.


Sagittarius: 22 November - 21 December

There may be conflicts between you and your spouse. Singles are likely to find their soulmate this time. You may start a joint venture with your spouse or friends. Your health is the chief concern of this hour as there is a likelihood of surgery. Your spouse may also have health complaints like allergies, infections and bruises. Professionally you will be in luck as there is a good chance to boost your finances. Working professionals will receive accolades for their outstanding work.

Remedy: You may donate potatoes and flour on any Friday evening.


Capricorn: 22 December - 19 January

You may get into unnecessary tiffs with your spouse. The health of your children may not be up to the mark. This period will be fruitful for the students who are preparing or taking the competitive examinations. Your fighting spirit will be good, and you will be able to focus well on your subjects. You will find the workplace a joy to be in as colleagues will be very supportive. Financial institutions must exercise extra care with finances as some transactions may be confusing.

Remedy: You may wear cream and pink coloured clothes on Fridays.


Aquarius: 20 January - 18 February

Your love life will be very rewarding. You generally feel elated and lucky during this time. Your children will make you proud of their achievements. Some of you may conceive as well. Those aiming to study further will get into the college of their dreams. Professionally you will be in great form. You will earn well and be earn respect of your seniors which will be profitable.

Remedy: You may wear a rose quartz crystal in a locket or a bracelet.


Pisces: 19 February - 20 March

You will remain in peace and let others be at peace too. Splurging on luxury items will certainly make you feel better. Investment in property is not advisable as debts are likely to be incurred. Caution is advised while driving four wheelers. Professionals will be plagued by business uncertainties. Working professionals are likely to be transferred much against their will. You must be cautious in all the ways at workplace.

Remedy: You may donate white or cream-coloured clothes to girls on Friday.

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky doesn't confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Kindly consult the concerned expert before practising or implementing any information and assumption.
Image sources: Pixabay

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