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These Zodiac Signs Make The Best Dads


Ever wondered how good you would be when you become a dad? Does the thought of being a father, often make you feel empowered? Does the thought of having fun with your kid also drive you crazy? Well, whatever your imagination might be about you being a dad, astrology can help make predictions.

Though there is no definition of a perfect dad, and it is more about the mutual understanding of a child and his father, people of some zodiac signs are more close to being really appreciated by their kids for their 'fatherly qualities'. Which are those zodiac signs? Read on.



Taureans are patient. Though it is quite difficult to handle them when they are angry, such anger seldom visits them. So patience accounts to helping them tolerate ‘all sense and no sense at all' of their kids. Another quality that goes into making Taureans perfect dads, is their strong will power. Much like a hard working bull, they would do anything that the situation demands them to, for their kids.

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Expect a Cancerian to know all of the values their family taught them for sure. They love that set of values specific to the identity of their family. They want their children to respect values. They also know how such values and good qualities should be transferred from a father to a son. Hence, knowing all, they emerge being perfect dads.



Lion is the king of the jungle. This kingship and the qualities that come with kingship come naturally to a Leo. They try to offer every bit of safety and protection to their kids. They feel difficult to say ‘no' when their kids want something. However, discipline is the only quality they want their kids to have in return. They take care of the rest.



Librans want to see peace and happiness around. They can not see people unhappy over a problem that can be solved. More so, when it comes to their own kids. Librans are emotional as well. All these qualities go into making Libran a person who fulfils almost every wish of their kid.



Often heard that Capricorns are career-conscious? Well true enough, but their family is one of the topmost reasons why they go for work every day. They wish to make every dream ever seen with the family to come true. Ambitious as well as emotional, Capricorns might choose work over family, but ultimately they do it for the family. Also, their work ethics get imbibed in their children.

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Caring Pisceans prove to be perfect dads because they are expressive and can connect to their kids on their level. They express all the love that a father's heart holds for his children. It builds trust, which is the fundamental element of the relationship. The kids also learn to put their loved ones' needs first, as learnt from their father.

Story first published: Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 17:30 [IST]