These Zodiac Signs Are Better Off As Friends Than As A Couple

As per ancient Hindu beliefs, the nature of a person is often determined by the position of the stars when he was born. These things not only determine his personality and behavior but also carve out his luck. Thus, the concept of noting down the exact time of birth of an individual is important to chart out the course of his or her life.

Now, it is important to note that two people who are good at heart and have strong moral character need not be compatible with each other. Even if they are compatible, the fact remains that they may be compatible in one relationship and not in the other.

Signs That Are Better Off As Friends

On the other hand, two people who are not the best of individuals themselves can come together to become one (and be highly successful at that). As for example, two people of different zodiacs may be highly compatible as friends; but when they come to a relationship, things do not work out.

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The vice versa may also take place. If such a thing does happen, instead of laying the blame on each other or the situation involved, it is a good idea to retrospect if their zodiacs dictated that they were better off as friends. To help you with this, this article explores which zodiacs are better off as friends than as a couple.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer individuals are among the most caring souls that ever exist. They invest a lot in a relationship and in return they expect back very less. This type of people are known to have an extreme depth of caring and are known to be protective to their loved ones. That is why they tend to gel along well with Sagittarius. People who are Sagittarius are the carefree sorts who look for healthy relationships without putting in too much effort on their part. However, if people of these two zodiacs marry, it usually results in unhappiness. This is due to the fact that the person who is from Cancer tends to get overprotective and Sagittarius people (particularly women) are not really the type of people to take in all that.

Gemini and Capricorn

Geminis are the type of people who do not pay much of an attention to the outer world. If you are their acquaintance, chances are that any details that you speak will slip off their mind. This type of people tend to create a small world of their own. Once you get in that inner circle, there is no looking back and the Gemini will give you his or her undivided attention. On the other hand, Capricorn are people who seek a lot of attention from people around. Not everyone is able to handle a Capricorn. It takes the patience and precision of a Gemini to be able to do that. When these sorts of people get into a romantic relationship with other, the romance tends to get missing from the relationship and eventually the two people drift apart.

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Taurus and Pieces

People who are Taurus tend to be the best of friends. They tend to confide a lot in a friend. Pieces, on the other hand, are kind-hearted and they tend to carry all the secrets that they know right down to the grave. Hence, when such a person befriends Pieces, the relationship is one that stands every test of time. This is because, in this type of friendship, one person is willing to talk, whereas the other is willing to just listen. However, as a couple, these two zodiac signs are definitely not comfortable. This is because a Pieces is definitely not comfortable with his or her personal secrets being shared. When two people become a couple, it often so happens that your partners’ secret becomes that of your own and being the Taurus that you are, you end up sharing the same with the others. Such a thing is definitely not acceptable to a Pieces and results in an unhappy marriage.

Leo and Taurus

The most optimistic people on this planet are the Leos. Their positive outlook on life radiates itself in the thought process of their friends. These types of people are very loyal and in their personal life, they tend to give importance to those people whom they have known for a greater amount of time. Thus, if at some point they need to choose between an old trusted friend and their life partner, chances are that they will end up choosing the former. Taurus are people who like to tell out all that is there in their heart and confide in others. Thus, if the friend they are confiding in is a positive minded Leo, it is a win-win situation. However, people who are Taurus have a lot of attitude and they tend to take it to heart if they are not given the utmost priority in their partner’s life. This makes them be romantically unattractive to the Leos.

Libra and Leo

They are the most tactful sort of people and it is their practical problem-solving skills that make them all that special. They are loyal towards all of whom they love and they expect the same from the others. A person who is a Libra would be ready to give up his life for his or her life partner. These types of people expect the same level of commitment from the other party as well. If the same is not given to them, they prefer to walk out of the relationship. Leos, on the other hand, are overtly positive about any relationship and they tend to invest a lot on the same. This idea is not acceptable to the Libras who expect their partners to make sure that they are the center of their universe. However, as friends, this sort of misunderstanding does not happen and the people of the two zodiacs are often seen to become the best of friends in the journey of life.

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