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    Zodiac Signs That Worry Too Much


    Everybody faces problems in life and worrying over those problems is just a natural thing. Be it personal life or professional, there is no one who is left untouched with minor issues. But are you among those who worry way too much? Or is it your friend worry constantly about petty issues?

    Yes, it is true that some people cannot take it easy even if the problem is not that difficult. They would often make a mountain out of a molehill.

    what zodiac sign is most likely to have anxiety

    What can be the probable reasons for this? Well, while there are psychological as well as physical reasons for this, astrology too has something to say about this. Based on certain thinking patterns that are indicated by your stars, astrologers can predict which are the zodiac signs that are addicted to worrying excessively. Read on.

    Gemini: May 21-Jun 20

    Geminis are those who seem silent before strangers but are actually too talkative when they are among friends. That is not all. They would often rethink what all that happened throughout the day while lying on the bed at night. They are the overthinkers and fall prey to worrying at times. Moreover, Gemini, as the sign says, are twins. They tend to behave like twins which means, they have two personalities handling one thing. Probably, that is what gets them more in trouble.

    Cancer: Jun 21-Jul 22

    Cancerians are the good souls, who would do all that they can to please you. What they do not like is your upset face and that sudden change of attitude you might show them sometimes. That irritates them and they tend to overthink it.
    Even in terms of their professional goals they would work extremely hard and are ready to walk in any path, to get their tasks accomplished. The work makes them too active, thus increasing their anxiety levels. And they consider it to be a real blunder if they fail their targets.

    Virgo: Aug 23-Sept 22

    Dear Virgos, we know you care for them a lot, but that does not mean you should get stressed up if they are not able to fulfil your expectations. Virgos are the romantic souls and relations take the most of their attention. They find their happiness when their relations with their close family members are going good and they might become disheartened too easily when they are not on good terms with a family member. This would lead them to worry too much. Not getting the same treatment or same love in return, is what brings despair to them the most.

    Pisces: Feb 19-Mar 20

    Yes, Pisces, we know you observe everything that happens around you, and that is exactly what you should stop doing if you want to get out of that habit of worrying too much. Observing everything means that you might also get to hear what two people are talking behind your back. We should not fall prey to what other people want us to feel. The key to your happiness in your own hands. There is no need to get anxious because despite your best efforts you will not be able to please everybody.

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    Pisces might also soak in the wave of unhappiness from those in suffering around them. That makes them anxious and they are inclined to worrying too much about how to get things done right for them.

    Story first published: Friday, August 31, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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