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Saturn Retrograde In Capricorn 2021: Read How It Will Affect Your Life

Saturn Retrograde is a phenomenon that takes place every year for 140 or 142 days. This year it will be taking place on 23 May 2021. The retrograde will continue till October 2021. Since this retrograde will be close to Pluto, people's lives will be affected in different ways. However, it is believed that when Saturn retrogrades, its effects weaken on people.

Some natives may have a favourable time in the context of finance, temperament and behaviour. Today we are here to tell how this Saturn Retrograde will affect your life. Scroll down to read on.



The natives of this moon sign may remain in good health for some time but then they may catch throat problems, cough, and cold. Elderly natives may have some issues in their right leg while others may suffer from lower back problems. The retrogade will bring a change in the lives of natives. Their behaviour, approach to life and speech may change during this retrogade. It is important that you control your anger and speech else this may affect your relationship in an adverse manner.

For students, this could be a good time and they may get a chance to travel to foreign countries. People may have various gains during this period. Natives working into any government sector will be having a great time. Those who are into politics may take part in some revolution. They may gain people's confidence and hence, it is good for them to bring changes in the society.
Natives of this sign may get abundant opportunities to travel and this makes them cheerful. Saturn will be taking these natives into the right direction!

Those who are into relationship, will have a great time. You will be spending some good time with your friends. During this period, you will try your best to fulfill your wishes at any cost. It is advisable that you learn the mantra of "letting go".

Remedy:- Try to keep your mind stable. For this, you can practice meditation, yoga and take part in some spiritual activities. Worshipping Lord Shiva can also help you.



For people belonging to this sign will be in good health. They need to take better care of themselves, especially during July and August. There can be times when you may suffer from headaches, feeling of restlessness and bone pain. Students intending to appear for government or any other academic exams will receive desired results.

However, students need to work even harder, especially for the second term. Natives who are into finance and business, will be having a favourable time. They may also invest in some new ventures. Natives who are into politics, need to stay cautious of their behaviour and decisions. Else things may get worse. Any hasty decision can bring huge turmoil into the lives of these people.

Those who are looking for new jobs, may earn some great opportunities after August. These natives may not get much opportunity to travel during this period. You need to take care of your health. Looking after elderly people in the family is also essential. Natives who are into relationships, may have an average time. But you need to avoid doing anything that may ruin your relationship.

Remedy:- Worshipping Lord Vishnu and offering water to Lord Surya (sun) can prove to be beneficial for these natives. Reciting the Aditya Hriday Stotra can also be beneficial for people.



People belonging to the Gemini moon sign will have good health during this entire Saturn retrograde. Though they may have some chronic illness, they may recover soon. However, diabetic natives need to stay cautious when it comes to their health. Female natives belonging to the 15-45 age group may suffer from some menstrual issues.

Couples who are planning for a baby, need to be patient during this time. It is advisable to consult a doctor before beginning a family. Health may improve after July.
For students, this will be a favourable time. They need to study hard to gain success in their respective field. Those who aspire to be engineers or doctors, will be having a favourable time. But that doesn't mean they don't need to work hard with commitment and consistency. Some students may pursue higher education in foreign countries.

Natives who are into business will be getting some opportunities to expand their business. Those who are working into finance business need to be extremely careful before taking any loan. Else, these natives may face some problem in repaying the loan on time.
Natives willing to go on a pilgrimage will get an opportunity for the same. A romantic relationship will bloom in your life and you will be spending more and more time with your partner.

Remedy:- Natives are advised to worship Goddess Saraswati during this time. While homemakers are advised to worship their family goddess.



For people belonging to this moon sign, their health will remain suitable. But there could be times, when these natives may have suffered from problems related to stomach and intestines. Therefore, it is advisable that you be careful of what you eat. Elderly natives may suffer from joint pain and this may bother them a lot. Students may suffer from some eye problems and therefore, they must not hesitate from consulting a doctor.

For students, this could be a moderate time but they need to work harder to achieve their goals. Parents need to take better care of their children and make sure they aren't into the companionship of wrong people.
Those who are applying for permanent residency will have a favourable time. For finance-related matters, this could be a favourable time. Natives who are looking forward to selling or purchasing a house can do the same during this retrograde.

Spending quality time with your family members can be a great thing to do. There's a family trip on the cards of these natives. You may have a memorable trip with them.
Those who are into the stock market may have a favourable time. The long-time investment may yield better results to these natives. For love and relationship, this will be a favourable time.

Remedy:- Worshipping Lord Shiva during this period can be beneficial. He may ease your restlessness.



During this time, Leo natives may have good health. However, they may suffer from headaches, gas, and acidity problems. During this time, Leo natives need to keep their strong temperament aside. They need to relax and let go of things during this retrograde period.

For students, this is going to be a favourable time, especially those who are into science and engineering streams.

People who are preparing for government jobs, need to work hard. Those who are seeking a better job need to work harder. People looking forward to having life partners may find someone suitable for them. The time till November may remain favourable for these natives.
During this period, the issues related to the ancestral property. These natives may also invest in some new business.

For people who are into love and relationships, this retrograde will bring a favourable time. Some natives may experience the entry of a new person in their life. During this time, the mother-son relationship may have some conflicts and tiffs. Natives are advised to maintain a healthy relationship with their neighbours.

Remedy:- Natives should offer water to Lord Surya. Reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotra can also bring favourable results.



Virgo natives suffer from some stomach and stone-related diseases. However, their health may remain moderate during this period. Children and elderly people may suffer from disease related to digestion. Therefore, the natives need to have homemade food. People willing to go to foreign countries for further studies, may find an opportunity.

Before taking any critical decisions, the natives are advised to consult with their family members. This will help them to make better critical decisions. Natives who are into any artistic field such as writing or drawing will earn fame during this period. They may also gain some opportunities that would enhance their art in the future.

You will be spending time with your family and may go on a trip with them. Those who are willing to travel abroad to meet their kin, will be able to do the same.
If you have been willing to invest your money, then this is going to be a favourable time. Property-related issues may get solved from May to July. Those who are worried for their future, may get some opportunities to bring out the best in them and prosper in their lives.

Those women who are seeking for a suitable partner, may come across some potential matches. For love and relationship, this is going to be a favourable time. Those who are already into relationships, should try sharing their thoughts with their partner. The family of these natives will get along well.

Remedy:- Every Thursday, Virgo natives need to take a meal once a day. This is because Rahu is dominant in their horoscope. These natives must donate fried food items on Wednesdays.



For Libra natives dental problems are likely to occur. They need to take extra precautions to save themselves from diseases related to eyes, ears and throats. Natives who have undergone limb surgery need to take extra care. Else they are likely to have problems in the future. These natives are likely to have opportunities to travel and explore places. They may also get drawn deeper into spirituality. They may also go on some religious trips.

For students, this is going to be an average time. Those who are pursuing higher studies may not get the desired success. Therefore, they need to put in more and more effort to make things better. However, this is going to be a suitable time for natives who are preparing for government exams.

For natives who are willing to settle abroad, the time will be favourable. Those who are preparing for Officer 1 and 2 exams, will get success. Those who are willing to invest in the stock market, need to avoid taking any hasty or impulsive decision. They need to have patience else they may incur a huge loss.

Those who wish to enter the share market by opening an account will be successful. Those who are really unhappy and unsatisfied with their jobs may come across some good opportunities.

Remedy:- For love and relationships, this period will remain moderate. Worshipping your family deity can help you in getting rid of all negative thoughts. Donating any white substance on Mondays and Fridays can help you in gaining fortune.



The health of Scorpio natives may remain moderate during this retrograde. However, the natives suffering from heart ailments need to pay attention to their health. It is advisable to stay cautious regarding gas-related issues, headache, heartburn and chest pain as these may cause restlessness.

The natives need to control their moody behaviour. Parents of such kids need to keep calm while dealing with their mood swings.

For students, this period is favourable. Those who have opted for the science stream need to be extra careful and hardworking towards their studies. Those who are willing to go abroad for further studies may get various opportunities after August.

Those who are looking forward to getting a job in the government sector will have to work harder. While those who are working in MNCs and private sectors need to have a good rapport with their bosses or seniors. These natives may experience heavy work pressure and increased work load. This may cause stress to these natives. Those who are willing to purchase some non-movable asset need to think wisely. Being impatient can create problems in their lives.

Natives need to help their elders during this period. They may worry about their financial and family crises. It is important that you control your expenses. For those who are into love and relationship, the time will be in their favour. Married couples need to ensure that bitterness stays away from their marital life.

Remedy:- Worshipping Surya Narayan can boost your confidence level.



The health of these will be good health during this period. But those who are allergic to something may not be able to adapt to the environment. During this period, the natives need to avoid oily, spicy, and unhealthy food. Apart from minor health problems, it will be a favourable period for people belonging to this sign. There could be times when these natives may face some issues related to communication. It is important to stay cautious of what you speak. Your opponent and competitors may accuse you for your behaviour and try to prove you wrong.

For natives looking forward to pursuing higher education, this is going to be a favourable time. Job seekers may have some job opportunities that would shape their career.

Natives wishing for promotion or new and better job opportunities will gain the same during this period. However, those who are into marketing and telecommunication field, may need to wait until October.

For those who are seeking life partners, the time will be favourable. April to October can be an auspicious time for engagements or marriages. These natives may find a better life partner. Also, it is the right time to begin family planning.

There could be a communication gap during this time, However, things may get normal from June.

Remedy:- Chant Saraswati mantra, "Om kleem vagwadeenyae saraswati devay namah".



Natives of the Capricorn will be enjoying good health throughout this period. There could be times when the natives may suffer from joint pain, muscular pain, infection, etc. But then they will recover soon.

Natives of this sign are advised to stay away from vehicles as much as they can. They also need to avoid getting into any controversies as Rahu is accompanied by Mars. Try not to mislead or get misused.

Some of the natives may face severe social and financial problems. These could be caused because of social issues. For students, this will be a moderate phase. They need to work hard on their studies and take care of their health as well. Those who are intending to go to other towns for study purposes will find the opportunities for the same.

These natives may face some financial problems as well. They may find it difficult to repay the loan on time. Taking risks is okay but they need to think wisely before doing anything.

The time is moderate for matters related to love and relationships. Still, people need to be careful when getting into any relationship. The elder natives need to watch their speech and avoid any sort of issues within the family.

Remedy:- Keeping fasts on Saturday and worshipping Lord Hanuman can prove to be beneficial for these natives.



Though natives of the Aquarius moon sign may enjoy good health during the entire period, they need to be cautious about problems related to gas and acidity. The natives of this sign are advised to keep themselves hydrated. There could be times when elders may vent out their anger on people around them. The family needs to ensure that peace remains within the family.

For students, this retrograde will bring a favourable time, especially if they are looking for higher studies. those who were applying for visa for visiting foreign countries, may succeed in getting the same. This retrograde is a great time to find solutions to family dispute.

Commercial investment may prove to be beneficial for these natives. Those who want to invest their money into stock and share market, can go on doing the same.

Those who are seeking a life partner may find a suitable match and hence they may get into a relationship. They may come across opportunities to travel. Elderly natives may go on some religious trips.

Remedy:- Chanting and reciting Hanuman Chalisa is important for these natives..



Natives of Pisces may enjoy overall good health but may suffer some stomach related problems, primarily related to the digestive system. During this period, your left leg may get injured, and a left eye problem may occur. Student natives have to work harder during this period. Make sure that their kids are in the right kind of company and not misleading.

Be highly selective in making friends, as friends might cause you damage. Natives involved in partnership business may profit, but if your partner is more potent than you, there may be a chance of differences of opinion. Avoid taking impulsive decisions.
This time is not favourable for new investments. Natives involved in the share market need to have patience during this time.

This time is good for natives seeking life partners. Married life may be pleasant. Chances of travel during this period may be moderate. Elderly natives need to take precautions while travelling. For a love relationship, this time may be average. Be connected to reality and avoid negative thoughts and emotions and trusting your partner is the key here.

Remedy:- For Pisces natives, it is advisable to worship Hanumanji and fast every Saturday- have one meal in a day.