2018: Horoscope Prediction For Virgo

By Shabana

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who take each day as it comes and the others who like to plan each and every move in their lives. But what if the plans of these people go awry when life gives them unexpected surprises?

A lot of us attach hopes and aspirations with a new year and often wish to get these fulfilled before the year ends. But things do not always go according to our plan.

yearly horoscope

Astrology is a science which studies the movement of celestial bodies and their influence on our lives.
Astrologers create a horoscope based on our date of birth and study the movement of the planets. They then are able to predict our future and the important events that happen in our lives.

In this yearly horoscope, we try to give our readers an understanding and insight into your lives and the ups and downs that you might probably face in the coming year.

This yearly horoscope will depend on the movement of Moon in your zodiac sign throughout the year, also keeping in account the movement of other celestial bodies in your houses.

Here is your yearly horoscope for the zodiac sign Virgo. Know what the stars have in store for you all year round and the major ups and downs in your business life, love life, on the aspects of your health or wealth.

People with names starting from Pa, Pi, Pu, Pe and Tha, Thi, Thu come under the zodiac sign of Virgo, according to Vedic astrology.


Family Life:

Your family life this year is predicted to be average. There will be some sourness in family relations. Difference in thoughts will prevail. Arguments regarding difference of opinions with spouse are also foreseen; but you can solve them easily with your wit. Lord Saturn is residing in your fourth house, which will give raise to arguments with wife and mother. Property issues will be present in a major part of the year, causing you some harm. There are chances of either demolition of your house or relocation too. You will often face injustice throughout the year, but do not let that hamper your spirits. The month of September will be very good for your family life.



Your health will be highly influenced by the family discord happening in your life this year. The influence of Lord Shani is going to make you ill during most parts of the year. Stomach ailments are something that you need to watch out for. You may also suffer from nerve damage due to which you will be worried. You are strictly advised to follow a vegetarian diet. Pain in the lower back and thighs will be prominent.

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This year, your economy may decline. You may be backstabbed by someone for monetary issues. You will have a lot of problems recovering from bad debts too. However, working with complete honesty for all money issues will ensure the continuous flow of wealth with the help of the Almighty. Investing in properties will be good for you and will bring in profits. There will be an auspicious event happening at home because of which you might have to spend some money.



You will come across a lot of opportunities for a new job. You may face a few hurdles on the way before October, but after that you will see good results.



Business wise, it will be a good year. You may come across an opportunity to travel abroad due to work. You are advised to be careful in this regard, as there may be certain obstacles in your path. If you are in partnerships, you need to place your trust on each other, in the absence of which things might not work out.

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Love Life:

The planets in your third and fifth houses are not in your favour because of which there may be marital discord. For singles, marriage proposals may not culminate further. However, the tables will turn after September.


Astrologer Suggests:

It is better to leave family matters to elders in the house. Try to control your expenses. Listening to other's advises may turn negative for you. You are advised to be careful while riding a vehicle. The Sun god is not in your favour.


Astro Tip:

In case you are experiencing any troubles, you are advised to pray the Sun God. Chanting his name may also be beneficial for you. Also, reciting the 'Ganesh Mahima Stotra' will give out positive vibes. The planets Venus and Jupiter may affect your life negatively. In such cases, feeding cows will give you respite.

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