2018: Horoscope Prediction For Gemini

By Shabana
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It's finally the New Year. This means another chance to play the game of life and win at it. Wouldn't all of us love that?

The advent of New Year brings with it a set of new hopes and aspirations with it. All of us retrospect the year gone by and make New Year resolutions, in hopes of achieving our goals and aspirations this time. Wouldn't all of us like it if there was something that would give us a heads up and prepare us for all the bouncers that life would throw at us from this?

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That is why we bring to you your Yearly horoscope for 2018 for the zodiac house Gemini, which will tell you about the important events that will happen in your life. This yearly horoscope will depend on the movement of Moon in your zodiac sign throughout the year, also keeping in account the movement of other celestial bodies in your houses.

Here is your Yearly horoscope for the Zodiac Sign Gemini - know what the stars have in store for you all year round and the major ups and downs in your business life, love life, health or wealth.

People with names starting from Ka, Ki, Ku, Gha, Anga, Cha, Ke, Ko, Ha come under Gemini according to the Vedic astrology.

Talking about Planetary positions, Jupiter is positioned in Libra and will move on to Scorpio in October. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius all throughout the year. The imaginary planets of Rahu and Ketu will stay in Cancer and Capricorn the whole year. Mars will keep changing its position throughout. It will remain in Libra from 15th January to 7th March. It will then move on to Sagittarius after 2nd May.


Family Life:

Your family life will be good this year. Relationship with spouse will be harmonious. But do not sideline important things in life for love. Some decisions need to be taken when it comes to your life and various situations. Try to understand each other and work towards building a better relationship. It is important to listen to your spouse carefully and give importance to their opinions for marital bliss throughout the year. Avoid criticising your partner at any cost. You are advised to keep good relations with your mother. Regularly take their blessings and shower them with gifts. You will receive the support of your brothers and sisters in business.



Saturn will be positioned in your 7th house, which means you will be worried due to your spouse's health. Long illness is also predicted for your spouse and you. In case of short illnesses, you are advised to not delay in visiting a doctor, as the illness may be life threatening. Take utmost care of your diet too. You may suffer from ailments of the liver and private parts. Certain part of your body may suffer from neurosis which may trouble you further. Pain in shoulders, upper back and lower back are foreseen. All these illnesses can be prevented by following a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Try to make yoga a part of your daily routine.



You will dream to achieve things beyond your capacity which you may achieve provided the dreams are not unrealistic. Also, make efforts to sincerely work towards your goal and you will definitely achieve it. You might be a bit worried financially because of the presence of Rahu in your sun sign. You are advised to be careful regarding your economy. You may also come across certain losses which can be avoided by finding the reason of the loss and working towards converting it into profits.

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Jupiter is placed in the fifth house of your sign and will move on to 6th house in October. This means that Jupiter will be retrograde on your 10th house which will ensure you a job. You are advised to showcase the best side of your personality to everyone and have control on your emotions. Do not enter into unnecessary arguments with anybody.



Business wise, this is a very important year for you. You will receive profits. You will also earn money through interests and your debtors too will be prompt with their payment. It is also a good year to work in partnerships. Be quick in resolving any issues if rising. Patience will be the key to your success this year. Lawyers, doctors, management or people working in the educational field will have an exceptionally good year. Income will be good for them and prospects of growth too are high.


Love Life:

Geminis are very romantic people and take no time in falling in love. This year is predicted to be very good for you. If you are in a relationship for long, chances of getting married this year are pretty high. Singles will meet their soul mates this year. Married people are advised to support their wives and in turn receive their support. Marital life will be bliss. It is very important that you be honest with your spouse for harmony in the relationship.

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Astro Tip:

This year you will reach to the heights of success provided you trust and believe yourself. You are advised to awaken your inner strength. The presence of Saturn and Mars may have some negative effects on your life, which can be nullified by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa daily. Chanting the mantra ‘Om Gan Ganapatey Namah' 11 times in front of Lord Ganesha Every Wednesday along with a lamp lit of of clarified butter will remove all obstacles in your life. Also, you can recite the ‘Vishnu Saha 'once every month, probably on a full moon alone or with the help of a pundit can be beneficial. This will also ensure Lord Narayana's blessings on you all year round.

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