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Zodiac Signs Known To Be Book Smart And Studious

By Ishi

While the studious spends most of the time with books, the book smart gains knowledge through books, newspapers, documentaries or in any other way. Both are stores of knowledge, that is what we can conclude. But have you ever wondered how they can talk all sense and all knowledge? Astrology has the answer.

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It groups these people based on their zodiac signs. People who belong to these five zodiac signs are believed to be book smart and studious.



The silent observers, Gemini, are the bearers of the most logical mind. They mean all sense; they speak less and have few friends. They enjoy being in the company of their friends but do not like WASTING time when they can INVEST it. They choose to be book smart over being time-wasters, as they call it when they see people gossiping. So is it books that they draw their remarkable ‘witty remarks' from? Seems so. After all, it is their witty remarks that prove their brain works quickly.

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Mercury rules the sign, Virgo. They notice, catch and remember facts and figures. Tell them once and the information gets stored in the memory or the ROM of a Virgo. When asked a question by the teacher, Virgos always have the answer. Probably that is what motivates them to be studious. Known as perfectionists, they keep the facts and figures nicely organised chronologically inside the ROM.

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Librans do not come off as hyper-intelligent and bookworms. They appear shallow sometimes, but it is only once you know them well that you can realise they are brainies. It is just that they are not interested in every subject you offer them. Sometimes, they might even decide not to speak up about a fact which they know is correct just to evade an argument, as they appreciate peace. So, they rarely rub their brainpower in anyone's face, speaking only when needed and right.

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These brainies, who love to explore in every possible way, have interests in all the subjects available to them. Unlike Librans, they can go on telling facts, discussing theories and sometimes even showing off their knowledge. Who cares what the world thinks! In fact, they love to lead conversations and care the least whether those sitting out there are interested or not. Where does that confidence come from? Well, it's from the authenticity of the arguments they put forward.

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Yes, how can we miss the Capricorns! The winners in every debate, the career-oriented students and the goal-oriented leaders, Capricorns are studious and book smarts. Ask them a question from any chapter of the book, they will answer even when the chapter has not been done in the class. Show them a certain text and they would tell which chapter it belongs to. Ask them the headlines of the day, they would tell headlines along with the channel and the time of it. In one word, they mean business, until actually tired.

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