Zodiac Signs That Seem Tough But Are Actually 'Touch Me Nots'


Most of us think we can judge a person's personality, remove the outer layers of their character or dig into the hearts of the people. Is it really true? Well, while a few of the mind readers and psychologists might be able to do that, not everybody can get a real idea of who actually hides behind those eyes that they try to read. However, zodiac signs can do the real bit when it comes to evaluating personalities overall. Based on that we have brought to you a list of those zodiac signs which though seem tough on the outside, are really 'touch me nots' inside. Take a look.


Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

To say it in one phrase, they are - one in a million. Aries is generally regarded as that brave person who let down, neither themselves nor those who depend on them. Probably because they seem so tough on the outside. Sometimes, also appearing as rigid and straightforward, the Arians have the most hearts. Standing for their friends and family as the real guards, the Arians hold a lot of feelings actually down there in their hearts, and are the first to show tears when they are hurt. Hence, they are sensitive and it would not be wrong if we call them - 'touch me nots'.

Leo (Jul 22 - Aug 23)

Those whom we know as the hard-shelled leaders and who seldom smile, the Leos have an innocent attention seeker inside. To put it in a more straight way, they love being loved the most. Being ignored, and not loved, make them sad, which implies that they are emotional too.

Though at times you might feel they are arrogant when they do not respond in a way you expect them to, these love seekers seem to rethink over the incidents probably lying on the bed at night. They would not smile at new people easily enough but they understand the real importance of smiles while with their friends. So tough-seeming Leos, here we got to know another secret of the hidden sensitive you.

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)

Virgoans are the fun lovers whose laughs and trolls can make your day. Generally, they talk too much and look at you with a critique's eye, their heart melts down easily, for their friends. However, what they seem from the outside cannot be considered all true, merely because they seem constantly in a fun-loving mood.

Quite high with their standards, they get hurt easily and forgive more easily, though they might remind you of the mistakes you made long back, pretty often.

Scorpio (Sept 23 - Oct 21)

Only those who have Scorpio as a friend can know that Scorpios have a huge sea of emotions inside them. Because they try to show no emotions before those whom they cannot trust easily. To yet others, they seem to belong to both the types. Because they do not trust easily, they do not like to reveal their emotions.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

While one version of the people with this zodiac can be those who are blunt and carefree, the other can be those who do not seem much talkative. Whichever it is, why we can call them 'touch me nots' is because they get angry soon and hurt easily. However, these zodiacs are pretty true about their emotions and say them off without caring about the other people's feelings. They might tell you to leave if they do not like speaking to you. Thus they are the 'carefree touch me nots'. And then what is more beautiful is that even a small joke to make them smile can win the innocent hearts of the Sags soon.

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

These people do not talk much, and thus do not express much about their feelings. But the truth is, they take things so much to their hearts. If you have ever tried to speak to a Piscean and tried to dig deep into their feelings, you would know that they have a lot of feelings waiting to be listened to. They are the first to notice things while in a group, and feel really bad if they are being ignored. However, how they revert is by ignoring back, though with a heavy heart inside. Standards being high, they would prefer you to stay away if you hurt them often like that, and might become real 'touch me nots' for you.

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