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Horoscope 2019: Unlucky Zodiac Signs In 2019


As the new year begins with a solar eclipse, the first of the year, it is an indication of changes in life for some zodiac signs. With again a new year in front of us, waiting for us to grab every opportunity, we also need to know how much luck is on our sides so that we can take the best foot forward and take the right step of life.

While some zodiacs will have luck favouring them and results coming with a little hard work, some others might have to put in more of hard work to achieve the same results. However, working on your strengths always proves beneficial. The hard work put in now will definitely outshine when luck favours you again. Keep working for we never know when a stroke of luck might favour and thus bless you.



Taureans will be acquainted with something that they have been avoiding since some time. They might have to undergo a hard time regarding finances. Such hard times might also make it difficult for you to keep going. Even your love life might also have to suffer. Stress caused by financial problems would be the reason for other related disturbances.

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Geminis are known to be the possessors of double personality. This will be reflected when they will face confusion in various matters and would not be able to arrive at decisions. Excess of confusions regarding business matters might lead to wrong decisions. The needs of their partner might get ignored. A desire to buy more things might cause financial tiff. However, all these things find peace and stabilize towards the end of the year.

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The year 2019 does not seem to be much great for the Cancerians as well. Your own people might try to harm you. They might even try to undermine your prestige and reputation in society and hence try not to indulge in arguments with some people. Try not to let your self-esteem be lowered. Relationships might also get strained this year. To let it not happen, try to stay happy and humble; meditation will help achieve both of these. You might have to face difficulties in business and matters involving foreign contacts.

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Story first published: Monday, January 7, 2019, 16:19 [IST]
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