Foreign Settlements Seen Through Astrology

By Jayashree

These days foreign travels have become so easy and affordable. There are travel companies coming up with affordable packages, but these are not the call for a permanent settlement. There are specific planetary combinations that show or rather predict the chances for short journeys, and permanent settlement in the foreign land.

In the ancient texts, it was believed that a person who leaves his own country and settles abroad would be considered unfortunate. However, these texts were written over 100s of years ago and these days, getting a Green Card is what everyone wants, as it is seen as being fortunate.

foreign travel opportunity as per astrology

How Foreign Travel Is Related To Astrology Chart

An astrology chart has 12 divisions. These divisions are called houses. Each house is allotted to different areas like that of health, wealth, parents and many others. Among these 12 divisions, the 3rd house is allotted for short trips. These short trips can be from a small town to another small town, or to a place closer to your home.

The 3rd House

This house is known as Shourya Bhava and Bhratru Bhava, or the house for "Courageous efforts and Siblings". There will be multiple matters in one house, but the matters which are dominant will become the identity of that house. Other matters included in the 3rd house are,

• Neighbours

• Physical energy

• Sports events and individual sports

• Lower mind

• Studies

• Communicative ability

• Media

• Technology

• Electronics

The house which is directly opposite to the 3rd house will be dealing with the aspect of long-distance travels. And that is the 9th house on the astrology chart.

The 9th house is not only the house for foreign travels, but it also deals with many other things, which are as follows:

• Father

• Mentor

• Higher mind

• Higher studies

• Politics

• Law

• Spiritual life

• Charity

• Fortune

The chances of foreign or long-distance travels are seen from this house and they are predicted based on this house of the astrology chart.

For settlement purpose, we must look at the 12th house as well in the astrology chart.

foreign travel opportunity as per astrology

This 12th house in the astrology chart deals with foreign settlements mainly and other things like,

• Emotional stability

• Charity

• Spirituality

• Expenses

• Isolation

• Detachment

• Moksha

The 7th and 8th houses also mean foreign lands and travels.

The Conditions For Foreign Travel As Per The Astrology Chart

• The 3rd lord in the 9th house

These are the House rulers/lords according to the signs:

• For Aries Lagna the 3rd house is Gemini and ruler is Mercury

• Taurus Lagna, 3rd house is Cancer and ruler is Moon

• Gemini Lgna, 3rd house is Leo and ruler is the Sun

• Cancer lagna , 3rd house of Virgo and ruler is Mercury

• Leo lagna, the 3rd house is Libra and Ruler is Venus

• Virgo Lagna , the 3rd house is Scorpio and the ruler is Mars

• Libra lagna, the 3rd house is Sagittarius and the ruler is Jupiter

• Scorpio lagna the 3rd house is Capricorn and the ruler is Saturn

• Sagittarius lagna, the 3rd house is Aquarius, and the ruler is Saturn

• Capricorn lagna the 3rd house is Pisces and the ruler is Jupiter

• Aquarius lagna , the 3rd house is Aries and ruler is Mars

• Pisces lagna the 3rd house is Taurus and ruler is Venus

If you see the 3rd lord or ruler in the 9th house, then that is a chance for long trips or foreign travel. It doesn't have to be foreign settlement or long travels only. It can be anything among these.

These travels can be for spiritual pursuits, studies, or job.

The stronger chances of settlement are always based on the strength of the 12th house. Basically, if you have planets in these three houses, then you will like to travel a lot.

There are so many conditions,

• 1st lord in the 9th

• 1st lord in the 12th

• 9th lord in the 12

• 12th lord in the 9th

• 3rd lord in 12th

• 12th lord in 3rd

• 1st lord in 7th

• 1st lord in 8th

• 7th lord in 1st

• 8th lord in 1st

• 9th lord in 8th

• 8th lord in 12

The chances of settlements can't be fully furnished by an article, but you can be sure when you see these placements. This can signify either a short or long trip.

The 4th house of the chart is known as 'home'. It means homeland as well.

When you see your 4th lord, i.e., the planet which rules the 4th house in 7th, 8th, 9th and 12th, then it is an input for foreign travels or settlement.

When you have natural malefic like the Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn in the 4th house, then even this can signify foreign travel. It can again be a settlement or travel.

When your 4th lord is in a bad condition, like debilitated or retrograde, then it also shows the chances for foreign travel or settlement.

These are all complex calculations and general assumptions like you will settle abroad when your 4th lord X is in 12th house will be very much unethical. These are just clues. Astrology gives a lot of clues not only about the nature of travels and foreign settlements. It will show you whether it is a happy travel or getting lost in a foreign land forever away from your family as well.

There are another side of this combinations. These houses 3,9,12 are showing the quest for the spirituality, studies and higher and lower minds. These houses show mental activities as well. The 3rd house is totally dedicated for mental inclinations. The 9th house is for higher visions. The 12th house is for moksha related mental activities.

These mental inclinations can also inspire you to travel different dimensions. So, a closer study can only show what your planetary alignment exactly says. Many planets in these houses also doesn't guarantee a 100% foreign travel or settlement abroad.

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