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Lucky Birthstones For People Born In March

People who are born in March are believed to be the kindest of all. These individuals fall under the category of the Pisces zodiac sign.

If you were born under the constellation of Pisces, then you are known to be an escapist who is constantly thinking about running away.


Here, we bring to you the list of birthstones that people who are born in March can wear. These are the best birthstones for the Pisces zodiac sign as well.

If you are an individual born in this month, then opt for a stone that is mentioned below.



This is a multi-talented healing crystal which is widely used as an antidote against diverse infections and seasonal allergies. This stone is a 'Throat chakra gemstone', which increases your communication skills. This stone will increase power and attract positivity and success for you.



Fluorite is helpful, as it awakens the Third Eye energy. This is considered to be the best crystal which is a powerful gemstone. This stone helps in clarifying all the information and it also filters only those thoughts that benefit you.

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This stone is considered as a talismanic stone for this sign. This stone is said to signify enlightenment and wisdom. If you are a March baby, and are fed up with lack of peace in life, having this stone will help you resolve feuds and bring in harmony to life. Wearing ruby regularly also benefits you both personally and professionally.



This is the stone of self-love and compassion. This stone epitomizes the strength of the wearer. This stone is a powerful healing crystal that will help to instill and rekindle one's respect for the self. This stone also helps to boost the blood circulation and overall energy of the person.

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This is an aura-cleansing stone which is used for extravagant healing rituals. This stone is often used as a part of "Spiritual First Aid Kit." This stone activates the 'Third Eye, Throat and Heart Chakras.' Using this stone can heal the physical and emotional disorders.



This stone is an essential grounding stone that is known to excellently establish peace and contentment. This gemstone is the "Stone of Awareness". It helps to rekindle the urge to live by dispelling negative emotions around. This stone also has a powerful way of reclaiming any lost interests in life of the individuals who wear it.

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