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5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Attention Seekers When In A Relationship


Your astrological sign holds a huge lot of secrets about you. Know somebody's zodiac and you will get to know all about their personality, their interests, tastes, etc. It basically depends on the element that the sign is comprised of.

Zodiac Signs Who Seek Attention The Most

For instance, it is the fiery Sun in case of Aries and Leos, that makes them aggressive. On similar lines, a list is prepared which tells about the zodiac signs that are attention seekers when in a relationship. Given below is the list. Take a look and check out if you are there on the list.



The Aries have their own way of seeking attention. They actually demand it. Since they never hesitate and never just keep their emotions tied to their heart, Arians are sometimes dominating and at times demanding. Though it is sometimes hard for them also to realise it when they unintentionally demand attention from somebody. When you start noticing that an Aries seeks your attention often, you should understand that they have some love for you in their heart. But the best part is they are equally understanding when it comes to giving attention to others.

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The sensitive souls, Cancerians need to be constantly reassured that they are loved and taken care of. You need to keep feeding them with your attention if you want to see them happy. However, they are as understanding and mature in a relationship, as sensitive. Hence, you would not be wrong in expecting them to understand your commitments, but the ritual of serving them their bit of attention is inevitable.



Well, it should not surprise you that the carefree and confident-looking Leos love to get feedback. The point worth noting here is that while criticism might end up making them your enemies, they seek praises and these praises are never too much for them. Being in the limelight for all great reasons, perfectly feeds the ego of a Leo. So, you need to be constantly making them feel special in order to win their heart.

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Balance for the Librans, represented by the scales, means a give and take of attention on both the sides. They know communication is paramount for a relationship, but they sometimes hint that they are attention seekers and sometimes feel a need to be pampered. Probably, that is why some Librans are known for being flirts. Yes, they do not need to be constantly reminded that they are loved, yet a regular feeding of it is required.

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While Scorpios are also there on the list of attention seekers, what is important to know is that they might get obsessed if their efforts in a relationship are not paid a heed to. But they do not usually admit their feelings for someone. To make them do that, you need to give them attention, more than what you feel is sufficient. They are honest and fair players, and all they demand is that you give all the required attention to such qualities of theirs.

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