The “I Will Love You Until...” Line As Per The Zodiac Sign

We all tend to get hurt when we are in a relationship and even try to sort out things until it gets worse and sometimes a little crack in the relationship is enough to break the relationship.

Here, in this article, we are sharing the actual reasons as to what makes people give up on love and these reasons can be so simple, but the impact is related to the zodiac signs.

So, check out on the reasons as to until when you would love a person, as per your zodiac sign.



"I would love you until you betray me!"
If you are born under the sign of Mars, you are always ready for a battle. It's best to make it look like you have to keep fighting for your partner. But, at the same time, if you are cheated, then you would take no time to stop loving a person!



"I would love you until you break my heart"
You are sensitive to pain but when required, you can be as strong, especially when you face an enemy. One has to be nice to you and if they break your heart, then they are out of your heart forever!

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"I would love you until you try to outsmart me"
You are tricksters and it is not wise to try and beat you around your own game. If you get to know others are trying to beat you in the game, then love can change to competition and things can get nasty, as you known you would do anything till you win, right?



"I would love you until you abandon me"
You value your relationships and are possessive about your partners. But once your partner loses his/her respect, you will also lose their love for good! And also, till they abandon you, you would still continue to love them.



"I will love you until you make me look like a fool"
You tend to value your image in society and constantly seek approval from your partner. Once you are ignored, your insecurities tend to seep in and things change for the worse.

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"I will love you until you start lying"
You are honest to a fault and also have exceptional observational skills. You love to value honesty most of all and one falsehood is enough for your partner to lose you.



"I will love you until you mess with my peace"
People always tend to trust you to resolve any kind of a disagreement. You are committed to relationships as long as your partner does not meddle with your peace.



"I will love you until you start keeping secrets from me"
Any kind of truth that is thrown at you is handled well. But if your loved ones keep secrets, then they are out of the list for them! They need to be open and truthful to you, if they wish to be close to you.



"I will love you until you no longer bring me hope"
You tend to get angry very soon. If you feel like your partner is pulling your hopes down, then you will walk away. You love it when your partner is supportive about your dreams.



"I will love you until you give up"
You are willing to make things work for you as long as your partner has not completely given up on everything. You need to be able to admire people to love them wholeheartedly.

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" I will love you until you look like everyone else"
You are always ready to embrace all your partner's little eccentricities and quirks. But if you find out that your partner is boring and conventional, then it takes no time for you to get rid of the relationship.



"I will love you until you make me stop dreaming"
You seem distant by nature, but in reality, you are just a little lost in your own mind. You search for something that can inspire you and once if you feel that your partner is not inspiring enough, then the relationship is something that was never meant to be for you!

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    Story first published: Monday, January 29, 2018, 10:29 [IST]
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