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5 Things You Should Never Question A Gemini About


The quick-witted and clever Geminis are always ready for fun. They might not mingle so easily with someone new but once they have become friends, they are completely different from what they appear to be. Geminis, not just have twins as their sign, but also have a twin personality. While they might look boring and less talkative on the outside, they have crazy ideas and witty remarks for you on the inside.

All the signs have both good or bad qualities and Gemini is no exception. But today we have something different to share about the Geminis. There are five things which you should never say to them. Take a look.


Do Not Question When They Speak A Lot

Yes, it is true that Geminis love to hear about anybody and everybody. Those interesting anecdotes work so well sometimes to lighten their moods. They would often spice up your stories by adding those witty remarks that they love to pass. Thus, they are good listeners. Therefore, they expect you also to listen and enjoy it when it is their turn to speak. They do not need you to add those remarks and are capable enough to do that. Hence, you might feel that they talk too much. However, you should never say it to them. They might not choose you again for sharing their stories if you ever happen to question them on that.


Do Not Ask Them To Be Serious

Fun is what they seek the most. They would love it if you join in with them, but are happy too, even if you cannot. It's not that they are not serious about life. But they do not like to show the seriousness on their faces all the time. They would not like it if you ask them to be serious. Hence, neither should you question what they find fun in, nor you should ask them to be serious.


Do Not Question Them On Their Multitasking Ability

The Geminis have high regard for themselves, higher than what you might have for them. They believe they can handle multiple projects at a time. When they switch from one project to the other, you might think they are not able to concentrate and would not be able to complete any of them. But make sure you do not say that to them. They believe in their abilities and that is what matters more. Hence, never ask them to focus. For they know it well enough when and where they need to concentrate.


Do Not Question Their Change Of Decisions

Geminis have a tendency of changing their decisions too quickly. The duality of the twins in them is represented through this. They know that they can adjust, change, and adjust again. You should never question them on their frequent change of decisions.


Do Not Question When They Do Not Like Melodrama

Geminis do not like it when you keep whining and complaining before them. They seek fun and positivity and if you fail to give that to them, chances are that they might replace you. You need to be cheerful and keep cheering things up in order to stay in their hearts. It does not mean that you cannot share the sorrows of the heart with them. They are wonderful as friends. However, excess melodrama is what might drive them crazy. Hence it is better not to question them if they ask you to stop complaining.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 6:30 [IST]
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