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Using These Crystals Will Help You Lose Weight!

There are so many tricks that we all try to follow and do when we think of losing weight. Amidst all these tricks and ways do you know that there are some of the astrological remedies that will help you to lose weight?

Well, according to astrological experts using some of the crystals releases energies that help in losing weight.

Keeping these crystals around you or using them as described will only help in reducing the weight at a faster pace.

So go ahead and check.

Do note: These crystals are defined by their energies and adviced by the experts. Hence, results may vary from individual to individual...



Using this crystal will help in weight loss as wearing this stone around will help the body to release the accumulated fatty deposits and as a result, it will energise and balance the metabolism as well. Apart from this, this crystal has other healing properties as well.

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Picasso Marble

This is a crystal that will help you with weight loss in a different way. The energy from the stone will improve your metabolism and regulate it as it helps to strengthen your self from within and as a result keeping this stone around you will only prevent you from over-eating.

The other names of this stone are Picasso Stone and Picasso Jasper.



This stone is known to be helpful in losing weight. This stone is known partly for its action of stimulating the metabolism. This stone emits energy that helps in letting go of the clutter which will help you make go of habits that you have been thinking of. This crystal releases energy that is known to moderate or prevent water retention. As a result, this will help in reducing weight.



This crystal is known to have an energy that helps you to let go of emotional stuff that has to lead to depression and unwanted weight gain. There are chances that you might be holding on to these, and this, in turn, may assist you to let go of excess weight.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 16, 2019, 17:23 [IST]
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