Benefits & Remedies For An Unfavourable Position Of Surya In The Birth Chart


Sun in the birth chart is one of the most influential stars. If placed at a favourable place, all the riches can come to you. Along with the good effects, there can be some negative effects as well.

The Sun God gives you success and is known mainly for his influencing nature, which can thereby help you gain the respect in society. A strong Surya helps earn everything from health, fame.

Remedies for weak surya

It is believed that if the Sun is strong, the eyesight of the person can be affected. Some times, the Sun is placed at a such a place in the birth chart that it might start influencing the life of a person negatively.

Depending on its place, a person might feel weak, if the Sun is weak; he might have a weak liver, he might get ulcers, etc. Hair fall is also considered as one of the effects of the position of the Sun in the birth chart.

Here, we have provided information of what might be the effects, depending upon the position of the Sun in various houses in the birth chart. Read on to know more.

Sun In The First House

This position of the Sun is not good or favourable for a person. His health gets affected negatively.

Sun In The Second House

This position can be unfavourable from the point of view of a person's family.

Sun In The Sixth House

Here the problem might arise in one's sisters or daughter's life.

Sun In The Seventh House

If placed here, the Sun may cause disharmony with one's wife.

Sun In The Ninth House

Here, the person might have to face problems while acquiring the ancestral property.

Sun In The Tenth House

If the Sun is placed in this house, there might be problems in the relationship with one's father. The son might not be good towards his father.

Sun In The Twelfth House

If present in the twelfth house, it can affect the sleeping habits of a person, and he/she might be deprived of a good sleep.

However, it is sad that the negative effects can be reduced by following some steps. We have brought to you those steps, below. Take a look.

Sunday Fasts

Observing a fast on a Sunday is one of the best ways to please the Sun God. Generally, every Sunday, a fast is observed, in which the Sun God is offered water two/three times, at the time of Sunrise, once before having your meal of the day, and/or before the Sunset. Make sure you do not eat anything after the Sunset.

Offering Prayers On A Sunday

Even if you can not observe a fast, just wake up and take bath before Sunrise and offer water to the Sun God. Make sure you add jaggery, vermilion, red flowers, and rice in the water to be offered to the Sun God.

Abstain From Taking Salt On A Sunday

If you want to please the Sun God, abstain from consuming salt in any form on a Sunday. It is also said that one must abstain from consuming non-vegetarian food on a Sunday.

Wear A Ruby

To keep the benefits of the Sun in the birth chart to keep coming to you, wear a Ruby stone on an auspicious day.


Charity is what is always appreciated by all the Gods. Donate any item of use to the poor. You can also offer items which are dear to Lord Surya Dev such as jaggery and rice or distribute rice cooked with jaggery as prasad to those around you.

Helping The Visually Impaired

Help the visually impaired students in whatever way you can. Blessings can remove any kind of sufferings. Since Sun is a very important factor affecting the vision of a person, as per astrology, helping the visually impaired also pleases the Sun God.

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    Story first published: Saturday, June 23, 2018, 13:00 [IST]
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