The Scary Case Of The Woman Who Sweats Blood From The Face & Palms

Can you imagine that you start sweating blood instead of just sweat? Sounds scary, right? Well, there is a condition that is existent and people actually sweat blood in real!

Though this sounds weird and bizarre, a recent case of where a woman complained of sweating blood instead of just sweat has been reported.

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Check out this bizarre incident and how the unnamed woman has been left isolated, as she is too embarrassed to socialize with people around her.


The Lady Has Been Suffering For 3 Long Years!

An unnamed 21-year-old woman has been admitted to a hospital with an extremely rare condition that makes her to sweat blood from her face and palms! The doctors were puzzled when they examined her, as they tried to check for any sign of skin lesions.


Her Condition…

The medics have diagnosed her with a rare condition called 'Hematohidrosis', which is believed to affect just 1 in 10 million people. It is said that she is being treated with a beta-blocker medication that is substantially reducing her symptoms. But on the other hand, there is no proper cure, as the medication is not completely curing her condition.


The Doctors Revealed…

The doctors revealed that there is no specific reason to trigger this condition of spontaneous bleeding, as it can happen anytime when she is asleep or even when she is carrying out any physical activity. She also revealed that her bleeding was most intense when she felt stressed.


Doctors Also Revealed That This Condition Is Not Fake!

Doctors ruled out that she was faking about this condition of hers, as there is a chance of 1 person in 10 million people suffering from this. Her tests also revealed that her blood count and blood-clotting functions were normal, as analysis of her skin where the bleeding had occurred showed nothing unusual. And even the tests of her blood revealed that there is no coagulation issue or any other problem that she suffers from.

A Similar Case Of A Woman Who Suffers From The Same Condition.

Sounds bizarre, right? What do you think of this rare condition? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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