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What Does A Double Fate Line In Palmistry Mean?

The fate line on our palm reveals the important events of our life. By observing the fate line in both the palms, the experts help in finding out the fate of our lives.

Be it a job promotion or the challenges that you will face in your life to the changes in your career, all of this can be found out from your fate line.

Check out the details of what it means to have a double fate line on your palm...


The Double Fate Line

If you have two fate lines on your palm, and if one of the lines starts from the mount of the moon and if it crosses the head line and ends at the heart line, then experts reveal that the person is fortunate.

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Individuals Will Be Creative

These individuals who have a double fate line will be good in art and craft. These individuals will be successful in his/her life. They will have two income sources. It is also seen that they will be lucky in lottery as well. In short, more fate lines mean more income sources.


If The Fate Line Starts From The Mount Of Moon

If the fate line starts from the Mount of Moon, then the person will be rich and wealthy. It is said that these individuals will also travel a lot, but unfortunately, they will have an unsatisfied married life.


If The Main Fate Line Is Long And The Other Is Short

If your main fate line is long and the second fate line is short, then the short fate line always plays the role of a supportive fate line.


When The Line Of Fate Is Extremely Faint

When the Line of Fate is extremely faint or if it is just barely traced through the palm, then it indicates general disbelief in the idea of fate and destiny. Faint fate lines are often found on the hands of very materialistic individuals.

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An Island Present On The Fate Line Reveals

An island present on the double fate line is considered to be an extremely bad sign. It reveals that it brings in bad luck for the bearer's life.

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