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Palm Lines Reveal The Deepest Secrets!

Palmistry is also known as chirology. It is the art of predicting one's future through the study of the palm and the lines in the palm.

According to the Indian scriptures, the lines present on the palm can reveal a lot about the person and their luck.

It is said that there are five basic lines that can be found in one's hand and each of these lines has been characterised differently pertaining to one's future.

These lines can be interpreted by their size, the depth or prominence of the line, and even through the curvature.

Hence, check out on what exactly do the lines on your palm reveal about you and your personality...


Long Life And Good Health

According to palmistry, it is said that the longer, deeper, thinner and clear the life line is, it is considered to better for the individual. And if the person has any cross signs on the life line, then it is considered to be inauspicious.


The Life Perspective

It is said that if the head line and the life line are almost blending, or if there is less difference in the distance, then it is considered that the individual is open minded and has independent thoughts.

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Prone To Problems

According to the Vedas, if there is a lot of gap and distance between the life line and head line, then the person doesn't think before acting or reacting. They are said to be reckless and think they know it all. These kind of people often get into deep trouble.


Long Illness And Accident

It is said that if the life line is broken on both the palms, then the person is prone to untimely death or accidents that are fatal. And if the life line of only one palm is broken while the other is perfect, the individual will suffer from some serious illness in his/her life at some point of time.


The Weak Constitution

According to the Vedas, if the life line is broken into many pieces or is in a chain-like pattern, then it is said that the person may be a weakling. They may suffer with some health problem or the other, throughout their lifetime.


Secret Of Profession

According to the Vedas, it is said that if the life line branches out to into the Jupiter mount region and then rises, it indicates that the individual will be a successful person professionally. They will achieve a great position in their profession.


Real Cause Of Troubles

According to the Vedas, it is said that if the life line, heart line and the head line are said to be connected from the very beginning, then it is considered that the person in unlucky, weak and is always surrounded by troubles in his/her life.

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Being Lucky Versus Bad Luck

According to the Vedas, if the life line is cut by tiny lines or branches in the downward trend, then it is an indicator of troubled life for the individual. On the other hand, if these lines are cut in the upward trend on the life line, then the person is said to be lucky.

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