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Palmistry Misconceptions Cleared

Most of us are curious about what we learn through palmistry. While some of the facts can make us happy, there are those that can make us depressed.

So, here we at Boldsky bring in details about the facts by busting the myths about palmistry.

From the life line being short to even not having a fate line on an individual's palm, a lot of things need to be cleared.

Go ahead and read about the most common myths about palmistry as we reveal to you the facts about it.


Myth #1: Fate Line Being Absent

The Belief: It is assumed that the person can never be rich.

The Reality: There are many rich and famous personalities who do not have a fate line.

The actual meaning of this line: It defines the level of satisfaction in an individual's life.

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Myth #2: A Shorter Life Line

The Belief: People assume that if an individual has a short life line, then it is predicted that they would have a shorter life.

The Reality: It is often noticed that people who have surpassed 80 years of life seem to have a shorter life line and the length of a shorter life line does not matter.

The actual meaning of this line: The ‘life line' is said to indicate a significant change in your life, or there are some domestic issues that you would face.

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Myth #3: The Gap Between Head Line And Life Line

The Belief: The individual would have a troublesome married life.

The Reality: This type of line formations are generally seen in happily married couples.

The actual meaning of this line: The vast gap between these lines define the quality of a person as an independent and a bold individual.

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Myth #4: Right Hand For Men And Left Hand For Women

The Belief: It is often confusing to find out whether the right hand or the left hand is to be read.

The Reality: In palmistry, reading both the palms with equal importance is very much needed before taking any decision. This implies to both a male or a female.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 27, 2018, 21:20 [IST]
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