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Lines On Your Palm That Reveal The Secrets Of Your Life

The kind of music that we hear or the way we talk, or have an opinion about a certain thing, describes us. Apart from these, there are a few other things that define our personality and these things can be something really simple like the lines on our palms!

The art of palm reading is called palmistry. It has been practiced for centuries in Asia, Persia, Ancient Israel and Babylonia. It is an age-old subject that has a very strong meaning that could reveal details about a person and his luck!

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Check out the things that the lines on the palm reveal about a person's personality and his secrets, which sometimes even the person may not be aware of!


According To Palmistry

According to Palmistry, if the lines in your both palms are different, then you have worked really hard to achieve what you have been wanting to or have dreamt of.


The Heart Line…

This line denotes the matters of the heart. It is said that the deeper the line is, the deeper the heart's affections and afflictions are. When one sees a split end to the heart line, then one should know this that the person will always be in a state of two minds.


The Head Line…

These lines denote a person's intellectual tendencies. The length of this line indicates the number of topics that they will have an affinity for! If there is a split end at the head line, then the person is said to be inclined to yo-yo in their decisions.


Life Line

It is said that the longer the line, the longer the life. If there is a break in the life line, then it mostly denotes an accident or a life-threatening incident at some point of life.

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Fate Line

This is also known as the line of destiny. This line indicates on how strongly events that happen out of a person's control will influence and impact his/her life.


Sun (Apollo) Line

This line indicates fame, luck, wealth, or even scandal. It is said that the depth of the line indicates the intensity of the fame and fortune, and the length of the line indicates its endurance.

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