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Do You Have These Money Lines In Your Palm?

Have you ever wondered what the money lines that are present in your palm define? The presence of these lines indicate your financial strength.

According to palmistry, there are a few money lines that you need to learn about. If the lines are present in a precise way, then you would be lucky regarding finances. You will get lucky with money matters.

Check out the different lines present in your palm and how these reveal the details of your monetary gains and finances.

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If A Line Runs From The Mount Of Saturn To The Base Of The Thumb

If a straight line runs from the mount of Saturn in such a way that your fate line overlaps the line of wealth, then you will be an individual who will be lucky. Palm readers reveal that the straight line in this position will be lucky regarding money. These individuals will become wealthy by the good deeds of their ancestors. In short, these individual's success depends on their luck more than their hard work.

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A Triangle In This Position

If you have a triangle in this position of your palm which is formed on the fate line and the heart line, then it indicates that you will be a rich person. The presence of such a line means that you will earn money from many different sources.


A Line Near The Thumb

If you have a line which is present near the thumb and is moving towards the index finger, it means that you are a person who is a wise and intelligent individual. It is seen that you will earn money from your leadership skills as well.

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A Line That Connects The Pinky And Thumb

If you have a line that starts from the thumb and reaches the root of the pinky finger, then it means that you will finally be able to get money from your family members. You will become rich due to your ancestral property or when you are involved with an individual of the opposite sex. Ideally, your luck will change after your wedding.


A Fork On Your Fate Line

If you have a fork line from the fate line and if it reaches the mount of sun, then chances of you becoming lucky in financial matters will be great. On the other hand, you will also be famous in the social sector as well.


A Line Passing From The Base Of The Thumb To The Mount Of Saturn

If a line starts from below the thumb and is seen reaching the mount of Saturn then you need to think about starting your own business. Palm reading experts reveal that individuals who have this line are quite successful in the sphere of marketing. This line works as a money line as well.

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So, let us know if you have any of these lucky money lines on your palm.

Story first published: Thursday, December 13, 2018, 17:55 [IST]
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