Your Sun Number Reveals The Darkest Emotional Trait

Numerology helps us understand the better side of our personality. It makes us realise about the traits which we are mostly unaware of.

Here, in this article, we are revealing to you the details about how your emotional trait can be understood with the help of your sun number. These predictions are based on numerology.

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How To Find Your Sun Number?

Add together the numbers of your month and date of birth.

Does Numerology Influence Your Life & Intimacy

For example, if your birthday is on the 16th of October, then you must add 16 (DOB) + 10 (number of your birth month) = 26; which further can be simplified as, 2+6 = 8.

So, calculate your sun number and find out about the traits that can be best associated with you.

If Sun Number Is One

If the person's sun number is one, it means that the individual believes in principles and this is one of the main reasons that can be a hurdle for them to lead an ideal life. These individuals have a very tough time in accepting the wrongdoings of the past. All that they need to do is work on the wrong decisions that they have made in the past and correct them.

If Sun Number Is Two

If the person's number is two, then they are generally careful in their approach towards life's choices. Apart from this, they find the changes to be quite tricky and life-changing. Hence, all that they need to do is to stop working on their intuition level, as this can often lead them to be in an uncomfortable zone. Apart from this, what they need to do is confront on their fears and try on some of the new things, and this is something that will lead to their overall growth.

If Sun Number Is Three

If the person's number is three, then these individuals are born with great creativity, and they appreciate the minute details of their life. These individuals are believed to get emotional when they are considered to think too deeply about things. These individuals need to think about challenging themselves, as it will keep them continue working in their brain.

If Sun Number Is Four

If the person's number is four, then these individuals are connected to success and they are all time focused on their goals. These individuals are believed to have high levels of resilience. All that these individuals need to stay happy is by accepting the fact that there is no perfect time and instead all they need to do is try to start thinking regarding making it big.

If Sun Number Is Five

If the person's number is five, then these individuals are said to have a great ability in accepting the changes positively. On the other hand, the only thing that can stop your power is your tendency on how quickly you become impatient with the routine stuff. All that you need to do is hone your patience, and this will be the key to stay calm.

If Sun Number Is Six

If the person's number is six, then these individuals are blessed with the gift of spreading peace and harmony. This is one of the primary things that can make others happy, and these individuals need to focus on this trait of theirs. However, on the other hand, their skills of expressions are not as bright as it should be. This is mainly because they give importance to others needs first.

If Sun Number Is Seven

If the person's number is seven, then these individuals are blessed, as they can easily see the hidden cause for the things that happen. This is something that a common man does not understand easily. On the other hand, this trait can lead the individual to become an introvert. In most of the cases, the individuals also tend to become hesitant in expressing their emotions, as they become shy.

If Sun Number Is Eight

If the person's number is eight, then the only term that defines them is their love for attention. The only thing that you wish to do is to have full power to control things. These individuals only wish to influence every possible thing around them. They do not like to feel the lack of losing control at any given point. All that you need to do is learn to let go of unwanted things and focus on making your life better.

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If Sun Number Is Nine

If the person's sun number is nine, they are often found to be dreaming about making the world a better place to live in. These individuals seem to be entirely focused and involved with their feelings, and the worldly matters do not matter to them. They seem to be able to understand their weakness of finding their deepest needs, as they tend to work on it always for their betterment.

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