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Thursday Born Are Leaders By Birth


Guru or Brihaspati is the Lord of Thursday. He is the Lord of planet Jupiter. Brihaspati is also the Indian name of the planet Jupiter. Astrologically, Jupiter is one of the most influential planets. So does that mean those born on a Thursday are also the most influential ones? Read on to know more.

Personality Wise

Brihaspati is the most influential planet and is associated with wisdom, being the Guru. Having born on a Thursday, you are wise. You are a leader. You have a large view of life. You have a superb sense of humor. It is certain that you will receive wealth in life.

Adventures attract you. You focus on professional growth so much that you might end up becoming the leader of all. Optimism rules your life. However, you sometimes are self deceived. So, you need to be well enough aware of your potential traits and avoid over-confidence.

Career Wise

Those born on a Thursday are born teachers. They are awesome at both understanding as well as explaining the stuff to others, though they might like it or not. So teaching is what they must try. If not this, politics is the field that you can also try your luck in. Since you are a born leader, you will do wonderfully in both. You are highly ambitious. This is what will take you even further. Be it service or a business, you will excel in both. Your organized lifestyle will help you earn scores in both. Serving at a high post will not at all be difficult for you.

Love Life

The Lord of Jupiter, Lord Brihaspati is associated with wisdom. Hence, people reach out to you for a wise man's advice. This makes you popular too among the people. Hence, finding friends will be easy for you. This is why finding a love partner is also not a big deal. Combine this quality with your wisdom, and keeping partner held in your life too will become your second nature. You will avoid arguments and things and would want things to become clearer. You love adventures, so try to find one who matches with your demand.


Since you are wise enough, you very well know how to keep relations good. You are an adventure lover, so if your partner is not like that, do not ignore their interests too. You easily get bored; however, let this not come in between your happy married life. You love going out and having fun. This makes you a good partner worth keeping. Try not to ignore your family life and family time because of your other interests. Keeping this thing in mind, your family life will also be awesome.

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