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Women From Across The World Come Here To Get Pregnant


Back in the days of history, Hitler who was obsessed with 'racial purity' killed many innocent lives. He killed many innocent people who did not belong to the pure Aryan tribe.

Since then, the Aryan tribe became quite popular and was considered to be the purest of breeds in mankind.

The Nazis believed that the Aryans had the most "pure blood" of all the people on earth. The ideal Aryan individual is considered to have a pale skin, blond hair and even blue eyes.

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People from around the world are trying to find out the pure Aryan breed and are showing their willingness to get a child being born from this breed.

Here are the details of why women wish to become pregnant with the Aryan breed of individuals.

People Here Claim To Be The Pure Bloodline Of The Aryans

According to historians, a tribe named the Brokpa had blue eyes, light skin, and stood taller than other community members. Their genetic connect was found to be related to the members of Alexander's army that had stayed back in Ladakh. These individuals claimed that they had the pure bloodline of the Aryans.

They Take Pride In Their Ancestors And Genetic Uniqueness

The Brokpa individuals take pride in their ancestors and genetic uniqueness that they have. They even preserved their way of life and genetic uniqueness by using strong social sanctions and rules in their lives.

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The Brokpa Community Concentrated Themselves In 4 Villages

According to the historians, in the year 1991, there were only about 1900 Brokpas alive, and they were concentrated in 4 villages of Ladakh. These individuals were very particular about race and ethnicity. Hence, they were a close-knit community which isolated themselves slowly from the rest of the world. When a girl marries outside their caste or ethnic group, then she is not allowed to enter the village.

The Government Intervened And Made The Place A Tourism Destination

Since visitors were prohibited from interfering or even entering these villages, the Government of India stepped in and opened up the place for tourism. The people who visit these villages are curious at the breed of individuals living here as they have distinctive characteristics of tall, blue-eyed blondes with superior intelligence and values.

Women Are Attracted To Men Here

Though this sounds crazy, it is believed that women from different countries from around the world come to these villages to just get impregnated by the local men as they are supposed to be racially pure Aryans.

The Brokpa Are Believed To Be The Only Remaining Pure Aryans

With the history dating back to the Aryan's descendants, Brokpa individuals are considered to be the purest breed of the Aryans, and this is one of the main reasons why women from across the world are visiting to carry the Aryan seeds to their respective countries.

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It Is A Business Now

After cases of women who claimed to be happy after getting themselves impregnated with the local men, now it is a business here. It is a full-fledged business where pregnancy tourism is paid and well organised, and people are even charging the tourists for pictures as well.

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