Cutest Way Of Revealing Pregnancy

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Photography is something that captures the best moments and stores them as memories. Every time you see an old picture, it surely brings a smile on your face along with memories related to these pictures.

These days taking photography to a level of capturing the most beautiful moments and cherishing them for life has become a trend.

Here in this article, we are about to share how a couple's cute moments were captured by a photographer when the woman revealed about her pregnancy to the man.

These images are really stunning and surely make you smile. Check them out.

Scene 1

Young bride "Bri Dow" convinced her husband "Brandon", that they had won a couple's photo shoot. She took him to the place of shoot. The best part about the whole event was that Brandon didn't know that his wife and the photographer, Samantha Boos, had plotted to surprise him.

image courtesy

Scene 2

The photographer and Dow came up with a plan to let Brandon find out that he was going to be a dad. All that they both had to do was to write something about their spouse and then show it to each other.

image courtesy

Scene 3

Photographer Samantha had already done so; she just had asked the couple to write three nice things on their boards.

image courtesy

Scene 4

The spouses turned around and showed each other the boards. The only thing is that the boards had different messages on them.

image courtesy

Scene 5

Brandon had written: "Love, sweet, cute," while Bri Dow's board had: "You're going to be a daddy," written on it. Isn't it cute?

image courtesy

Scene 6

This picture just touches your heart! His reaction is so perfect. He tearfully embraced his wife!!

image courtesy

Scene 7

The couple shared a sweet kiss. What better thing can make a woman happier than this!

image courtesy

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 17, 2016, 10:58 [IST]
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