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10 Funny Lies Parents Tell Their Children
Are you fond of lying to your little tots? If you are going to deny it, you will be lying anyway! Boldsky shares with you some of the funny lies we tell our children. These days, kids come up with n ...
Ten Funny Lies Parents Tell Their Children

Ten Reasons Why Being Fat Is Awesome
10 Reasons Why Being Fat Is Awesome
Being fat is not a bad thing! There are tons of people who are ready to give up anything to lose weight and become skinny. Being a thin person or rather a bag of bones is not even nice to look ...
Reasons Why Indians Are Obsessed With Potatoes
Which is your favourite vegetable? We are sure you wouldn't say, leafy greens! If you happen to take a walk through a veggie market in India, you will see it overflowing with people trying to find their favourite veggie - the ...
Reasons For Potato Your Obsession
Types Of Drunks We Meet At Parties
Types Of Drunks We Meet At Parties
If you have gone to a party and seen the drunks around, you will know exactly what we are trying to share with you. When the music volume is at its highest and the booze counter never stops in pouring your ...
Dealing With Negative People: Tips
Wondering how to deal with a person who has a negative or bad attitude? Then here are some of the tips you can look into. People who constantly have negative thoughts or a bad attitude tend to spoil the atmosphere around ...
Dealing With Negative People Tips
Gorgeous Bipasha At Creature Trailer Launch Event
Gorgeous Bipasha Basu At Creature Trailer Launch
The gorgeous Bipasha Basu was recently spotted at the trailer launch of her new movie that is due to be released later this year. The sensational Bollywood beauty was seen wearing a resplendent attire that boasted many a colour. Bipasha Basu ...
Funny Things Pregnant Women Do
When a woman is pregnant, the first thing she wants to do or rather does is to get irritated with the things around her. They say, never mess with a pregnant woman as she can really tire you down. The only ...
Funny Things Pregnant Women Do
Alia And Prachi At Ek Villain Success Bash
Alia And Prachi Illuminate Ek Villain Success Bash
The recent Ek Villain's success bash saw two immensely charming celebrities grace the occasion with their presence. The two Bollywood heartthrobs included budding actress Alia Bhatt and Prachi Desai who made a guest appearance in the movie. The event was a ...
Funny Ways To Make Men Cry
Funny Ways To Make Men Cry!
Have you seen a man cry or have you made a man cry? It is very rare sighting to see a guy cry and there are some reasons to bring a tear in their eye. Did you also know that women ...
7 Benefits Of Coffee Break At Work
The importance of a coffee break at work is perhaps never understood by those who don't take it. But those who wait impatiently for a coffee break can easily describe the feeling of relaxation. According to experts, a cup of hot ...
Seven Benefits Of Coffee Break At Work
Shakira Electrifies World Cup Closing Ceremony
Shakira Electrifies World Cup 2014 Closing Ceremony
Ahead of the gripping final that is all set to take the world by storm, the World Cup 2014 closing ceremony saw a glittering touch to it with Latin heartthrob Shakira electrifying the grand stage. The closing ceremony of this year's ...
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