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10 Healthy Habits For A Longer Life
Living a long and healthy life wherein life's numerous pleasures are relished to their fullest is everyone's dream, isn't it? With increasing levels of pollution and dramatic lifestyle changes, the prospect of living a long life, longer than it was originally ...
Healthy Habits That Help You Live Longer

Things You Cannot Miss In Your 20s
Things To Do In Your 20s
Life in the 20s is no less than a roller coaster ride, isn't it? As such, if we look at the way we are required to spend our life in the 20s, not many of us actually realize the importance of ...
5 Hidden Facts About 9/11 That You Must Know
One of the saddest events recorded in history is the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This September 11 marks the 13th year of that dastardly act. Commonly known as the Twin Towers, the two massive buildings were reduced to pieces on September 11, ...
Five Hidden Facts Behind Nine Eleven Terrorist Attack
Ways To Excel In Life
10 Powerful Ways To Excel In Life
In this unimaginable fast moving world where everything seems to be like a rat race, excelling has become the most elusive component of life. Whether excellence is valued or not, excelling in life sure is. In this article, we look at ...
10 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Life
We all make mistakes, don't we. While some of us learn from them and consciously make efforts to never repeat them, some others do not realize that they are actually making a mistake. They go on to make the same mistakes ...
Worst Mistakes To Make In Your Life
 Things To Start Doing For Yourself
10 Things To Start Doing For Yourself
As we grow older and move out of our comfort zone, we will have to start thinking about things to do for ourselves. Change is something that most of us are not comfortable with and something that most of us can’t ...
10 Worst Mistakes People Make In Their 20s
The 20s is when the most important things happen in a person's life, including committing some of the worst mistakes in life. While most women end up getting married and the men strive to pursue careers of their interest, a lot ...
Worst Mistakes People Make In Their 20s
Ten Bad Habits Of Todays Youth
10 Bad Habits Of Today's Youth
Our world is filled with a lot of sin and it is the young people who are pulled into the trap. Often, it is the youths who are engulfed with bad habits such as smoking pot, drinking and many more. ...
Soap Star Sara Khan's Wardrobe Malfunction In LWD
Sara Khan looked like a princess in white during the launch of a car recently. But, she faced a minor wardrobe malfunction, which grabbed headlines. Television actress Sara Khan gave us a glimpse of her undergarments when she attended the ...
Soap Star Sara Khan Wardrobe Malfunction In Lwd
Why Cricket Is Indias Religion
Why Cricket Is India's Religion?
No one will doubt this. Cricket is a religion in India where cricketers are treated like Gods and every victory is celebrated as a festival. There are many Indians who worship cricket in every aspect. Cricketers too are not spared. They ...
Shilpa Shetty Spotted In Dolce & Gabbana
Shilpa Shetty was recently snapped exiting a Mumbai restaurant. The actress was inarguably at her gorgeous best, wearing a uniquely designed attire. Shilpa hasn't been very active as far as her movie projects are concerned. But maybe with a view to ...
Shipa Shetty In Dolce And Gabbana
Reasons Why We Fail In Life
12 Reasons Why People Fail In Life
The journey of life can be immensely hard as much as it can be smooth-flowing. Certain phases in life are more demanding as far as requisite effort and our ability to endure are concerned. While we are deadlocked many a time, ...
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