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Pregnancy, the stage when a women gets the gift of motherhood, is also one of the most delicate state of health. In this section, know all you want to and should know about pregnancy. This section is your guide to pregnancy trimesters, diet, care, health, exercise etc. This is your guide to a healthy pregnancy.
Does Emergency Contraceptive Pill Cause Abortion?
The emergency contraceptive pill that you can have if your contraception fails accidentally was a great invention. But for some reason, the morning after pill has always been shrouded in controversy. Initially, it was rejected as an abortion pill for religious ...
Does Emergency Contraceptive Pill Cause Abortion
Habits That Can Affect Your Babys Brain
Habits That Affect Your Baby's Brain
In the present day, lifestyle changes and unhealthy habits are the root cause for almost every possible illness you can think of. What can be worse is that if your habits end up affecting the birth of your newborn. Women do ...
9 Abortion Methods You Can Try At Home
The word 'abortion' usually fills a woman's heart with fear and regret. However, in certain conditions, it is necessary. If you are emotionally, financially and physically unable to continue with an unplanned pregnancy, then abortion is your only resort. Some abortion ...
Abortion Methods You Can Try At Home
Eight Vital Causes Of Slow Labour
8 Vital Causes of Slow Labour
Gywneth Paltrow was in labour for 40 hours before she opted to have a c-section. Kate Winslet was in labour for a whole day before the doctors decided to have a surgical delivery. Such stories of slow labour can be haunting ...
10 Ways To Speed Up Labour Pain
If you are expecting your birthing process to be like the ones you see in movies, then you are in for a massive shock. If you really want to know how long labour lasts, then you will be horrified. A normal ...
Ten Ways To Speed Up Labour Pain
Ways To Overcome Pregnancy Phobia
Ways To Overcome Pregnancy Phobia
Pregnancy is the most exciting experience in the life of a woman!! Is it true?? Probably, you might not have asked all the women around you. There will be at least a certain percentage of women who may wonder what is ...
Janmashtami: Fasting Tips For Pregnant Women
Janmashtami is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. Many people fast on this auspicious day as it is the birthday of Lord Krishna. However, if you are pregnant and planning to fast, you should be careful to not keep ...
Janmashtami Fasting Tips For Pregnant Women
Reasons To Eat Chocolates During Pregnancy
6 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Eat Chocolates
If you are pregnant and love chocolates, then this is a good news for you. Studies have come up with few health benefits of eating chocolates during pregnancy. It is dark chocolates that are majorly beneficial to pregnant women. In this ...
7 Reasons Why You Bleed During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is considered to be one of the most happiest phases in a woman's life. But, when she encounters something like unexpected bleeding, she naturally begins to worry. Experts state that bleeding during pregnancy is normal and most women still have ...
Seven Reasons Why You Bleed During Pregnancy
Signs Of Pregnancy While On The Pill
Signs Of Pregnancy While On The Pill
There are a lot of women who are on the pill. Generally, the term pill encompasses various oral contraceptives which are easily available. Estrogen-progestin or combined pills suppress the ovaries' monthly release of an egg cell which help to prevent pregnancy. ...
Love Sex? But Don't Want To Get Pregnant!
Like sex, but not pregnancy? If you want fun and freedom more than you want a baby, you need contraception. However, if you don't believe in the idea of using contraception, there are many more ways to avoid pregnancy. Pregnancy ...
Love Sex But Dont Want To Get Pregnant
Fertility Boosting Foods That Help You Conceive
8 Fertility Boosting Foods That Help You Conceive
Scientists have ascertained that certain foods help in boosting fertility in women, enhancing their chances of conceiving. The intrinsic connection between foods you consume and fertility has never been more clear, with certain minerals and vitamins in foods working to imp...
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