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Love makes a relationship so know how to treasure love and get relationship tips to maintain a healthy and strong bonding!
Essential Foundations Every Successful Relationship Needs
An important life lesson we've all learnt is that nothing sustains itself without a concrete foundation. As far as relationships are concerned, this fact cannot be more true. Every successful relationship rests on a set of fundamentals, without which the relationship ...
Foundations For A Successful Relationship
Eight Rules For The Modern Couple
8 Rules Of Dating For The Modern Couple
Could dating be so much fun if there weren't any rules attached to it? We don't think so! The new set of rules in town for the modern couples are making them breathe easier in the relationship. If you were thinking ...
Things Women Desperately Want From Men
Men and women each have their own expectations from a relationship. Although it must be taken into account that expectations vary from individual to individual, some expectations can be generalised with respect to men and women. In this article, our ...
Things Women Want Desperately From Men
Things Men Want To Do In Relationships
Things Men Want To Do In A Relationship
Both men and women have different expectations from a relationship. As far as the requirements and expectations of men are concerned, they sure can be weird at times. In this article, we look at the things men want to do in ...
8 Signs He Is Checking Out Other Women!
Does your man look at other women when you are around or have you not noticed his unsteady behaviour around the ladies? There are some men who can't seem to get enough from the woman they are with, thus giving them ...
Eight Signs He Is Checking Out Other Women
7 Wedding Planning Mistakes That Must Be Avoided
If you are already in a relationship, inarguably, the most important phase is your wedding. Weddings require extensive planning and consideration of various aspects with respect to the lives of both you and your partner. As far as planning for a ...
Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid
Why She Should Propose
Why 'She' Should Propose!
Don't we live in so called country where men and women are treated alike? Why should men be given the privilege of asking a girl's hand in marriage when she can do it too. It is not a rocket science ...
7 Lessons To Learn From Your First Relationship
Every relationship has a phase and not every relationship is meant to last for ever. Break-ups in a relationship is part and parcel of life and coming out of a bad break-up is your responsibility at the end of the day. ...
Lessons To Learn From Your First Relationship
Amazing Reasons To Fall In Love
7 Amazing Reasons To Fall In Love
Falling in love is undeniably a wonderful feeling in itself. It is a feeling that, besides living you butterflies in your stomach and sweeping you off your feet, allows you to learn and explore life's less travelled path- for not everyone ...
The 10 S's Guys Look For In A Woman
Every man has different needs when it comes to a woman. But, in general a man looks for certain things to define his mate. When it comes to relationships, men look for the seven s's in a woman, namely - sensuality, ...
The Ten S Guys Look For In A Woman
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