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Love makes a relationship so know how to treasure love and get relationship tips to maintain a healthy and strong bonding!
'Secrets' Indian Wives Love To Keep
Who said that wives and husbands don't keep secrets from each other? More than children, it is the couples who believe in those white lies. There are certain secrets Indian wives love not to share with their husbands. The idea of ...
Secrets Indian Wives Love To Keep
Reasons Why Women Cheat
8 Reasons Why Women Cheat
Being in a relationship is perhaps the most wonderful experience people encounter in their lives. But weighing in the impermanence of certain things in life, relationships can sometimes turn sour.. The most unexpected things can sometimes manifest and change things for ...
Beautiful Ways To Make A Woman Smile
To make a girl laugh in a relationship, you need to try various ways to see that smile on her beautiful face. Women generally love humorous men and dating men who can tickle their funny bone is one way to draw ...
Beautiful Ways To Make Your Woman Smile
Common Things People Do For Love
7 Common Things People Do For Love
Love is blindness, or say they may see. People do a lot of things for the sake of love- funny things, bizarre things and boring things. And most of the time, people aren't completely mindful of what they do. This makes ...
12 Reasons Why Indian Marriages Are Successful
Do you know why Indian marriages are so successful? In India, the divorce rates are not that high when compared to abroad. Indians believe in the sanctity of marriage, the saat phera (seven vows) and the idea of being one for ...
Twelve Reasons Why Indian Marriages Are Successful
Ways On How Indian Brides And Grooms Are Selected
Ways On How Indian Brides & Grooms Are Selected
There comes a time when every Indian woman feels the need to get married. However, it is never easy to get married in India if you hail from a family that is conservative. Indian brides are mostly classified as dull or ...
Why White Women Marry Indian Men?
Today, we see a lot of inter-caste marriages. But, more than the inter-caste marriage, marrying women from abroad has become a craze now. There are several Indian men who migrate abroad only to fall in love with beautiful white women. ...
Why White Women Marry Indian Men
Common Relationship Problems People Face
7 Common Problems People Face In A Relationship
As much as there are a lot of things to gain when in a relationship, there can be uninvited problems as well. In this article, we look at common problems one encounters when in a relationship. These problems certainly aren't rare, ...
12 Ways To Touch Your Woman
In every relationship, one wants to get physical at some point of time. In terms of physical, we do not mean - getting into each pants! To get physical, it means a peck on the cheek, a tickle, brushing her hair, ...
Twelve Ways To Touch Your Woman
Questions To Avoid Asking On A First Date
7 Questions To Avoid Asking On A First Date
The first date is undeniably one of the most interesting moments in a person's life. As much as it can be a disaster at times, there are numerous things that can be learned. With all the planning and preparation that goes ...
12 Ways Indian Men Flirt
We come across a lot of guys who love to flirt. But there are some women who truly don't understand these signs when a guy is supposedly flirting with her. To know when a guy is flirting with you, here are ...
Twelve Ways How Indian Men Flirt
Awesome Things To Learn From A Relationship
7 Awesome Things You Can Learn From A Relationship
Relationships can be immensely productive at times, especially when you help your partner grow and your partner does the same. When such an element defines a relationship, the bond will certainly be stronger than initially anticipated. There are numerous things to ...
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