Unbelievable Coma Stories Of People

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There is a lot that happens in our everyday life. There are people who die, who meet with accidents and there are those who are busy in giving birth to the new generation.

We need to understand that it just takes seconds to change one's life. While driving even for a second if you are distracted then it can cause immense damage or have a life changing experience.

Here in this article, we are about to share some of the unbelievable stories of people who have recovered from coma, which were caused due to an accident or due to medical conditions.

These are the stories of people who have recovered from coma when it has been least expected. Their recovery stories are really amazing on how they suddenly woke up from their sleep.

Find out more about these unbelievable coma stories of people.

She Falls Into Coma Every Time She Says: 'I Love You'

This may sound stupid, but then a woman named "Wendy Richmond" suffers from this condition on a serious note! She has suffered from sleep-related illnesses like cataplexy and narcolepsy and needs to shut down her emotions if she wants to cry or laugh as it can only slip her into coma.

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She Woke Up Singing Mamma Mia!

This little girl named Layla Towsey fell into a coma after she contracted meningitis. Her doctors told her family to give her a goodbye kiss. She spent 5 days in coma before she woke up on the 6th day and made a musical recovery by singing Mamma Mia!

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She Started Smoking And Drinking

Now this is a little weird! A three-year-old has mysteriously picked up an addiction of smoking cigarettes and drinking beers after she survived a road crash. The amusing thing about her recovery was she started behaving like an adult and preferred wearing men's clothes instead of women's.

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She Forgot Her Life After Being In Coma

She has one of the most inspiring stories. She suffered from brain damage and was also diagnosed with encephalitis which is an inflammation of the brain. Liz Sykes had completely forgotten her past life and had to learn from scratch. She was affected to such an extent that she had to even learn walking and talking!

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A Girl Who Awoke From Coma Speaking Fluent German

A 13-year old girl named "Sandra Ralic" woke up speaking in German language. She spoke Croatian before. She was in coma for just 24 hours and got this condition. The doctors and the girl's family are still amused and confused with this condition.

The Granddad Who Became A Sex Addict

An 81-year old granddad named "Frail Angelo De Luca" was in a coma for four days after having a fall from the tree. The family had a shocking revelation when they discovered that he had spent £3,000 of his savings in one single session at a local brothel. He was under house arrest for his weird behaviour.

The Boy Who Told His Mum To F*** Off

A mother leaned forward to hear her son whisper his first words after he cheated his death in a car smash. But instead of hearing some sweet words the boy told his mother to F*** off as he was unable to communicate still. The mother cried with relief.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 9, 2016, 21:10 [IST]
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