Healthy Herbs N Juices To Cleanse Kidney

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It is very important to detox the kidneys. This is simply because the kidneys perform a lot of functions and if it is not clean, you will have severe health problems. kidneys are a powerful cleansing system that can filter more than 48 gallons of blood every day. It removes waste products like ammonia and urea.

When you have processed foods, the toxin are transferred to the kidneys. When the toxins increase in both the kidneys and liver, it can lead to UTI (urinary tract infections) or water retention. Thus it is very important to cleanse the kidneys and detox it. You should have healthy foods like parsley, berries, yoghurt and pumpkin seeds to name a few that cleanse the kidneys. Apart from foods, there are few herbs and juices that can cleanse the kidney and detoxify it. Water as we know is very good for flushing out toxins from the kidneys.

Healthy Herbs N Juices To Cleanse Kidney

Herbs that cleanse the kidneys:

Dandelion: It is one of the best herbal remedies to detoxify the kidneys. If consumed regularly, dandelion increases the production of urine as excessive salt and water is secreted from kidneys. In traditional methods, it is a natural medicine to cure kidney and liver diseases.

Birch tea: Tea made with birch bark cleanses the kidneys and also breaks down kidney stones. It is a natural remedy to treat UTIs too. If you suffer from burn after urinating, have a cup of herbal birch tea.

Gravel root: It is a natural herb that cleanses the kidneys. It liquefies kidney stones and also treats urine problems like frequent urination.

Parsley: Have parsley every day to cleanse the toxins from the kidneys and also dissolve kidney stones. You can add parsley in your dish or top your gravy with it. If you want, you can also have parsley tea.

Healthy juices to detox the kidneys:

Cranberry juice: The sweet and sour juice can be a great treat to the taste buds. It is also healthy for the body especially kidneys and heart. Berries like cranberries have antioxidants that flush out uric acid and urea from the kidney. It also helps lose weight, fight UTI and dehydration.

Buttermilk/Lassi: A glass of buttermilk or lassi is good for the kidneys. You can have fermented milk products like yoghurt to detox the kidneys. Yoghurt has probiotic bacteria that cleanses the kidney.

Water: Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day to have healthy kidneys. Water flushes out minerals from the kidney that deposits and gradually become stones. To unblock the kidney functions, have water.

Grape juice: Like cranberry juice, grape juice is also great for the kidneys and overall digestive system. It also helps you lose weight and control food cravings. So, have a glass of fresh grape juice every day.

These are few herbs and juices that can detox the kidneys. Include them in your diet to stay healthy.

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