Diet Soda: You Lose Or Gain Weight?

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Diet Soda
Diet soda is considered as an effective drink to lose weight. Dieters believe that having a glass of diet soda after every meal burns their body fat or extra consumed calories. Is it true? Do you lose weight by having diet soda or you gain more pounds? Find out...

Diet soda: You gain or lose weight?

1. A meeting conducted by American Diabetes Association showed that diet soda doesn't actually burn body fat but leads to weight gain.

2. Carbonated drink especially diet soda has calories which is unhealthy for the body in the longer run.

3. Artificial sweetener in diet soda can increase blood sugar levels in the body and lead to diabetes in the later ages.

4. It is believed that diet sodas have less calories so it is highly consumed by dieters. The truth is any drink with artificial sweetener is unhealthy and only leads to weight gain. Diet soda has sugar substitutes namely saccharin, sucralose and neotame which leads to weight gain and not weight loss.

5. Sweet drinks can spoil your taste buds. The sweetener in diet soda is addictive and can affect the diet. After weight loss, you might feel like having more sweet dessert which is very rich in calories.

6. Diet soda leads to dehydration. It is an unhealthy substitute for water.

7. Diet soda is unhealthy because it also increases the chances of heart diseases.

Diet soda is therefore unhealthy and you only gain and not lose weight. For few weeks or months you might feel it is effective by burning body fat but gradually you will start putting weight.

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