8 Ways To Fill Your Life With Positivity


Amidst the busy pace of life, we sometimes feel to have lost the freedom to be happy. Is it because we do not find time for ourselves? Or is it because the negativity has overpowered the positive vibes? Well, whatever be the reason, here we have brought to you some simple steps which will make you feel happier instantly. Take a look.

1. Find Happiness In Others

Giving is one of the best methods ever discovered for feeling happy. It is the first small step towards positivity. Starting from helping a kid or an elderly person cross the road, and buying a meal to a poor kid you see begging for a penny, or even asking a new joinee in the office to accompany you during lunch, the list can be as big or as small as you want. The idea is to bring a smile on to the face of the other person. To make it simpler we can say, that a smile is infectious, so when the poor kid you offered food to, smiles at you, you would not be able to resist it. So his smile brings happiness to you and as we know we cannot be sad as well as happy at the same time.

2. Start Appreciating The World And Yourself

If you want to feel positive, you must not seek it outside and it has to start with you. Our thoughts become our words and words gradually turn into actions and these actions transform our character accordingly. Positivity has to start from within us. There is a lot of beauty in the world outside, which we might not see because of the negativity inside. When you start appreciating the flowers in the garden near your house, the way a toddler trying to learn cycling or the good qualities of a person you have not liked ever, a positive vibe flows inside which combats the negativity. When you start seeing the world as a beautiful place, you will realize that a thing of beauty is actually a joy forever.

3. Set Realistic Goals

You know most of the sorrows arrive in life because we set unrealistic goals. Suppose you have to read two books this week, and you decide to read them in the first two days, you might not be able to achieve it which will make you sad. Learn to set smaller and realistic goals. For this, you do not have to change the final goal, but just the way of achieving it. For achieving a bigger aim, set some smaller milestones which keep boosting your morale when they are reached. Finding happiness in small things makes life more cheerful. It's not just setting a goal which makes us happy but the achievement of it which does the job. So one must learn to set realistic and achievable goals in order to achieve them. And that further needs understanding your capabilities. And to add to this, our capabilities definitely increase over time with practice. But as they say, Rome was not built in a day.

4. Learn Something New Everyday

Learning keeps the mind busy, which helps it forget the negative scenes of life. Why a person is unable to feel positive is because the brain becomes adamant about not seeing the other side of things. The brain becomes used to finding negatives in everything. So when we learn something which is new to the brain, the long-dead positive vibes will somehow get a chance to be active.

5. Accept The Good And The Bad And The Ugly In Yourself

Self love is a major and fundamental step towards feeling positive. Whether you are beautiful or not, tall or not, organised or messy, it is the real you, and nobody will love it if you yourself can't. Change it if you need to but before that, you have to accept and love every bit of yourself. Only when we are happy about ourself can we make others happy.

6. Build Strong Relationships

Relationships is what we base our happiness upon. To put it clearly, when it comes to relationships and love, either you have them or you do not. Rather than having not so strong friendships and then seeing them through the glasses of doubt, increases the stress and gives space to negativity. Be it your friends, siblings or parents, show them that you care and trust them. One true friend is better than a hundred fake friends. Build strong relationships, and the strength of a relationship depends on the mutual trust. So start showing trust and let them also trust you.

eight ways to fill your life with positivity

7. Learn To Forgive And Forget

Holding grudges against people, brings pain to the heart and strain to the mind. Keep no bad memories in your mind, and tell yourself strictly that your brain is a place for happy things and good people alone. Learn the lesson, forgive the people and forget the incident; you'll feel lighter.

8. Make Mindfulness A Habit

Mindfulness here refers to being alert and conscious. Positivity comes from the right decisions, and mindfulness is the fundamental need for our decisions to be right. Meditation is the best way of developing mindfulness. Along with relaxing the brain cells, it brings peace to the soul as well, thus energising it to make you help others as the first small step towards positivity.

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