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Why We Should Not Sleep Facing North As Per Hindu Mythology

You might have heard elders say that you should not sleep facing the north direction. Have you ever thought as to why you should not sleep facing the north direction? Well, today in this article, we shall discuss this in detail. Read on.

It is believed that if you sleep facing the north, you are sure to get bad dreams that can disturb your mind. By sleeping in the north direction, the body tends to give up the positive energy. This is one of the reasons you should not sleep facing the north direction, as per our ancient belief.

According to science, if we sleep facing the north direction, it can affect the blood circulation and cause a disturbed sleep. The energy level can drop too.

However, as per the Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha was given the head of a chopped animal that was lying in the north direction, and hence this became one of the reasons why people believe sleeping in this direction is not good.

So, let us read the mythological story of Lord Ganesha, which links to the fact why sleeping in the north direction is bad as per the Hindu tradition. Read here why we should not sleep facing north as per Hindu mythology.


01. Goddess Parvathi

It is said that when goddess Parvathi went to take a holy bath, she told Lord Ganesha to guard the door and not let anyone inside. Meanwhile, Shiva came in to see goddess Parvathi and asked Lord Ganesha to let him inside.


02. Ganesha Fights With Shiva

But, Ganesha was a very obedient son and did not let Shiva inside even after knowing that he was Parvathi's husband.


03. Shiva Chopped Ganesha's Head

When Parvathi came out and saw the two, she was shocked to see them both arguing. Shiva lost his temper and ordered his servants to chop off Ganesha's head.


04. Furious Parvathi

Parvathi was furious and decided to destroy the entire creation. But, Lord Brahma consoled her and later, to please Parvathi, Lord Shiva ordered to get the head of any creature that was sleeping facing the north direction.


05. North Direction

According to the orders by Lord Shiva, the servants went in search of creatures that were lying in the north direction.


06. Elephant's Head

The servants of Lord Shiva found an elephant that was sleeping facing the north direction. So, they chopped off the head of that elephant and got it to be given to Lord Shiva.


07. Lord Ganesha

Lord Shiva then gave life to Lord Ganesha by attaching the head of the elephant. And later, Lord Ganesha was worshipped by one and all, as Lord Shiva promised Parvathi that her son Ganesha would be the deity who people will worship first.


08. Best Direction To Sleep

Hence, as per the Hindu belief, the best sleeping position is that when slept on the left side facing either the east or west direction. This increases your blood circulation and also improves your overall well-being.

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