Sleep Deprivation And Stress- How Are They Linked?

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When you lack enough sleep, the next day, you may start feeling cranky. Well, health experts say that sleep deprivation and stress are linked.

The main reason behind this is the inability of the brain to regulate your emotions when you are sleep deprived. It means the ability to stay composed may get compromise when you lack enough sleep. So, this means most of us are in danger as we seldom have enough sleep thanks to our busy schedules.

Sleep Deprivation And Stress- Anger

Sleep Deprivation And Stress- How Are They Linked?

Recently, a research identified the actual mechanism behind regulation of emotions. This mechanism is linked with sleep cycles and therefore when you lack sleep, you tend to get anxious fast.

The study was carried out mainly to observe how sleep deprivation can affect your brain's ability to control your moods.
Though we all knew how lack of sleep affects moods, this study threw light more on how the brain loses its ability to govern emotions when it gets insufficient sleep.

Sleep Deprivation And Stress- Insomnia

The study further reveals that the brain's ability to process emotional images may get affected when it lacks sleep. This may cause anxiety faster at the slightest irritation.

Sleep Deprivation And Stress- Disturbed Sleep

When the surroundings are emotionally charged, a sleep deprived person may lose his col at the drop of the hat.
Also, the brain fails to prioritise its reactions and perceives every little thing as important. This is why we react to everything when we lack enough sleep.

Nearly, 18 people were tested after they were sleep deprived for a whole night. All of the participants were studied through brain mapping and the results proved that we tend to lose judgment with sleep loss. Also, distraction was seen in them.

Sleep Deprivation And Stress- Waking Up

So, health experts suggest sleeping for 8 hours to stay saner in this world. As we all know, there are so many other side effects of sleep deprivation which include weak immunity and obesity. Now, its time we perceive sleep deprivation also as an issue that may cause anxiety.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 6:01 [IST]
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