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To Achieve Success Perfect Your Present Actions

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Present Actions
There are no miracles to achieve success in life. One's present actions alone determine one's future.

Heated gold alone becomes the ornament, beaten copper alone becomes wires and chiseled stones alone become the worshipful idol. To gain the strength of the steel, one has to go through the hottest furnace.

When it comes to hard work, very few turn up their sleeves while some turn up their noses. And the majority of us never turn up at all!

You cannot climb the staircase with both the hands in your pocket!

There are some others who have greater faith in the omens seen all around and the prophecies they signal. But they hardly have any faith in themselves or in the effort they can put forth in achieving the goal chosen.

When William, the Conqueror landed in Hastings and stepped on the English soil, he stumbled and fell. This was regarded as an ill omen by the soldiers who let out a cry of dismay. But William was a man of tremendous optimism.

"What a wonderful thing has happened," he exclaimed. "I have already ceased the land with both my hands." These words of the conqueror were greeted with a loud cheer by his soldiers who then marched forward with redoubled enthusiasm. Needless to say, William went on to make history conquering the English soil. We may get discouraged many times but we are not a failure until we begin to blame somebody else for our failure and stop trying.

Let us therefore not unload our responsibilities on the stars in astrology or on the evil-noble omens of superstitious. It is our past actions that have brought us here, and it is our present actions that will carry us forward into the future. Hence the future lies in our own hands and it depends on how we utilize our present moment.

It is said, God has given us two ends- one to think and the other to sit. To achieve success it depends on which we use. Head? -we win. Tail? -we loose!

There is nothing impossible in this world, provided we keep trying hard with patience. Even the ordinary water is able to cut the hardest of rocks, not because of its strength but because it keeps flowing on and never gives up.

Great saints were none other than sinners in the past who ever kept trying. Big shots were only small shots who ever kept shooting!

Albert Einstein, the world famous scientist, says that it was not that he was very smart or extraordinarily intelligent, but it was only that he kept trying a little longer!

It is so well said, "Winners never quit. Quitters never win"!

God has totally entrusted us to. ourselves. Time, energy, resources and the life principle are common to all. But what to do, what to think, what goal to choose and how to live life etc - the choice is ours. There is no interference from the Divine whatsoever. When such a total freedom is given, a terrible thing happens - there is none to blame!

Let us therefore be careful of every act done in the present moment, as they alone determine us and our future world.

About the author

This article, by an anonymous writer, taken from the Vedanta Vani of Chinmaya Mission emphasis on the fact that the efforts, the present actions alone can determine success. To achieve success one will have to put in one pointed dedication and hard work. Hard work present actions) alone can bear fruit.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 18:27 [IST]
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