The Wonder that was Sri RamakrishnaParamahamsa’s Touch-Part II

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Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
The previous part of the article deals with the significance of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's touch on others which brought about instant transformation. This article exclusively deals with the impact of the Master's touch on Swami Vivekananda.

Sri Ramakrishna did not practise hypnotism or mesmerism. Nor did he encourage to do it. And yet, his touch had such overwhelming effects. And a few days afterwards, when Narendra (Swami Vivekananda) paid a third visit, he had a totally different experience awaiting him.

When Narendra (Swami Vivekananda) met Sri Ramakrishna, he decided to be on his guard. Being a person of strong will, Narendra resolved that this time he will not fall a prey to the Master's supernatural powers, if he possessed any. Narendra"s rational approach was in the forefront and he was fully alert and conscious.

As there were crowds in the temple complex, the Master took Naren to Jadu Mallik"s garden house, adjoining the Kali Temple. After a stroll on the bank of the Ganga, Sri Ramakrishna went to the parlour of the house with Narendra accompanying him. They both sat there on a bench or a sofa. A few minutes later, the Master slipped into samadhi and touched Narendra. This touch made Narendra lose outer consciousness and he also experienced samadhi. In that state of his, Sri Ramakrishna put several questions to Narendra. The questions were about his past, present and future. Every answer of Narendra fully confirmed the Master"s vision of a few years ago about Narendra as a divine rishi coming from a divine realm.

This was the third time that he was touching Narendra and this touch brought about an entirely different effect on him. Each touch of Ramakrishna paramahamsa, it seems, had a different aim, a very special one. An intellectual like Narendra could not grasp then the significance of each touch of his guru. The first and the second touch of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa made Narendra experience entirely opposing effects. The first touch of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had made Narendra experience, as it were, infinity. It was a terrifying experience for Narendra. The Master"s second divine touch made the infinity vanish. And this third touch in the parlour of Jadu Mallik"s house had made Narendranath lose his consciousness and made him delve into his own self, and tell the Master about his past, present and future. He himself was unaware of it; Sri Ramakrishna told him this much later.

Story first published: Thursday, August 18, 2011, 11:28 [IST]
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