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The Way Out Of Unhappiness

By Staff

Sai says we will have to understand that life is not unhappiness. Our bliss is lost because desires cover it up!

"There is a lamp. On the lamp, and earthen pot is kept. The pot has nine holes. Through these holes, you can see the light. Now, a blanket covers this pot, so you don't see anything. What is to be done now?

Swami says : First remove the blanket. You will see the light through the nine holes. Break the pot and then you will see the light directly, in its fullness and intensity. You are not able to see the full light because of the pot and the blanket.

Swami says that human body is like a pot with nine holes. There is the light of Divinity, the light of the Soul- the light of Consciousness, the light of the Spirit. Divinity, which is in us, is covered by the pot of nine holes, which represents the human body. Over that is the blanket of attachment...'mine and thine' and so on and forth.

The confining sense of " I "Nessa, of mine and thine" limits us. This attachment and possessiveness will not allow the light of consciousness to blaze forth. Thus, we have imprisoned ourselves. No one has put us in prison or made us unhappy. We only make ourselves unhappy and compare with others. It is jealousy that makes unhappy.

Unfortunately, we close our eyes to the beauty of nature and we close close our ears to the sound of Nature. We don't respond to nature's grandeur and That is why we are unhappy. This unhappiness, which is of our making, gets accumulated within us. In such a situation who can help us? We have to help ourselves. That's all. If we help ourselves, God is ready to help us.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 19, 2008, 17:07 [IST]
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