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When We Start Possessing Someone....

When you start possessing someone, you bind yourself also. If you are walking holding your dog"s leash, be very clear that you are also bound. Don"t think only the dog is bound. You are also bound. Don"t think that only the dog cannot run away, you too cannot run away! You may be thinking that you are holding the rope and the dog may be thinking that he is holding the rope. Who knows?

We always place our attention in the wrong space and miss the truth. When we place our attention on an object, we miss the inner experience of love that happens. We misunderstand that the excitement and the joy of love happens because of the object. We don"t understand that the excitement or the joy of love happens not because of the object but because of us. It is an energy that happens in us. If it was because of the object, then whenever the object came in contact with us, we would have the same excitement, am I right? But it does not happen that way.

Even if the object continues to be there, the temperature of the excitement comes down after some time, which means that the excitement or the energy is not related to the object. It is related to the subject, which is us. It is related to the experience itself, not to the object.

Story first published: Thursday, May 27, 2010, 13:00 [IST]
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