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The World is Not Your Enemy, It Is You!

Usually, as an individual ego, we always see the world around as our enemy.

We are all like small waves in a big ocean. However, suddenly, the wave starts thinking that the ocean is its enemy. When it is created, when it exists or when it drops, the wave is always connected to the ocean. But, the wave starts thinking that it is in some way different from the ocean. Not only that, the wave starts fighting with the ocean.

For the wave to realize that it is fully connected with the ocean, it has to be consumed by the ocean. The ego has to dissolve. The individual identity of the wave has to disappear. This is the first and last step to enlightenment.

We all live in the illusion of our own self-created identities. Each adopts another wave as its father, mother, wife or child and relates with these. However, ultimately, each one of these related waves disappears just like the wave itself.

Yet, the impermanence of its own existence as a wave as well as that of other waves around it, to whom it feels related, does not sink in easily. You have to rise beyond the individuality of your existence as a wave to be able to see that you are part of the larger whole of the ocean of this world.

For the wave to realize that it is fully connected with the ocean, it has to be consumed by the ocean. The ego has to dissolve.

If you look at the human body itself, you can see this oneness so beautifully exemplified. The human body consists of trillions of cells living in total harmony. If you look at the individual cell itself though, it has intelligence by itself.

However, when it is a part of the larger whole, the body, it is not the intelligence of the individual cell only at work but it is the collective intelligence of the body mind system that governs.

An enlightened master, Suzuki lived in Japan. When his master passed away, he started weeping profusely. One person asked him, 'You are an enlightened person; you shouldn't be crying on your master's death.'

Suzuki replied, 'My master was the most extraordinary man on planet earth.' The person asked him, 'What was so extraordinary about him?'

Suzuki replied, 'I have never seen such an extraordinary person who thought he was the most ordinary man.'

Story first published: Monday, April 12, 2010, 12:34 [IST]
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