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Create Causeless Relationships With Love

By Priya Devi

I always tell people, 'Do some work for half hour everyday that does not bring you money or name and fame. Just for half an hour, go to some temple or church, clean and sweep the floor, offer some service. Don"t plan to become a committee member in that place! Don"t think that it will fetch you good credit and a place in heaven… no. Don"t look any further than that work for half an hour."


Initially you may think, 'This half hour is a waste of time!" After a few days you will realize that only in that half hour are you really alive! Only for that half hour you are not driven by fear or greed. You smile at the people around you without any calculation. You feel strangely sincere in a way that you never felt before.

If you observe yourself at other times, you will see that you even smile only after some mental calculation. Even before laughing you will see who is the person next to you. Based on that, you decide how many inches to open your mouth, how polite you should be, how you should project yourself. To overcome these conditioning, just for half an hour try this technique that does not bring you money, that does not bring you name and fame, that does not give you any social position, that does not give you anything in return. Then you will understand what I mean by the words 'causeless relationship". You will see that soon only that half hour becomes the real life for you!


As of now, every action of yours is driven by fear and greed. You are fuelled by fear and greed. That"s why you feel lonely and tired.

If you try this technique, you will suddenly see that your body and mind start functioning without the need for fear and greed! Once you learn this simple knack of how to move your body without fear and greed, be very clear, you can enter into love. You learn how to tap into the energy of love. You learn how to run your life on the beautiful energy of love. Only then will you know what is meant by the word 'love".

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Story first published: Saturday, May 15, 2010, 11:45 [IST]
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